How to use "denouement" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "denouement" in popular movie and book plots

  • This can be seen in the denouement (Lero's rebellion against unfair and unreasonable Grdan) which does not appear on the scene as dramatic picture, but is recounted by a character.  - Dubravka (drama)
  • However, in the novels' denouement it is revealed that the haunting that Ambrose suspects is in fact the aged Harry Peake whom his Uncle William has cared for after Lord Drogo's death.  - Martha Peake: a Novel of the Revolution
  • The denouement finally occurs in the street outside Fadinard's house.  - The Italian Straw Hat (play)
  • The girl is near suicide however the tragic denouement is prevented by Vasilchikov who has been in love with the journalist for a long time, a modest editor of the department "Working inventions".  - Your Acquaintance
  • The denouement of the film sees Lee and Carol reunited with an announcement that Carol is once again pregnant with Lee's child.  - Dream's Ashes
  • This photo-play has an absorbing theme that rises in the denouement to a tragic height, the supreme sacrifice of one man securing the happiness of the woman he loves and insuring her a peaceful future with her child.  - The Honor of His House
  • The latter denouement was hinted at by Austen herself in her letters, where she mentions that she can imagine Kitty married to a Derbyshire clergyman.  - Old Friends and New Fancies
  • They clash frequently on their way to understanding each other, but the denouement in the desert is moving and leaves the viewer feeling they're on the right track.  - Blame It on the Night
  • The film's denouement shows Johnjo's mother and Margaret Ward, the mother of the murdered boy, talking in the street.  - Common (film)
  • A denouement shows that Erna decides to stay in Blons, raising the orphaned Pia and the son, whom she names Eugenio, that she bears from her dead lover.  - Der Atem des Himmels
  • The denouement of the main plot shows how don Mendo's predilection for slanderous remarks cause him to lose the love of Ana and Lucrecia as well as the friendship and patronage of the Duke of Urbino".  - The Walls Have Ears
  • Jandar shows up in the denouement to help celebrate and take the protagonists home to Shondakar.  - Renegade of Callisto
  • With events becoming increasingly fractious, the story comes to its denouement towards the end when the narrator’s mind begins to unravel and, simultaneously, he and Shingi become a single entity.  - Harare North
  • The science fiction denouement is confined almost to the last chapter and foreshadows the theme of Hoyle's later A for Andromeda, though in a far more cursory manner.  - Ossian's Ride
  • The denouement of Bright's life, and the film, finds him in and out of the hospital, and visited by his now-grown son Billy Jr.  - The Comic
  • ) is the denouement of the film.  - Divided We Fall (film)
  • Sharky once again trumps his adversary when in the denouement Ivan reveals his winning hand of four aces which he had earlier mistaken for four fours due to his myopia.  - The Seafarer (play)
  • The denouement of the novel follows as Captain Kirk and the Enterprise crew, experiencing bizarre, dream-like experiences of other times and worlds during the use of the drive, realize that something is dreadfully amiss.  - The Wounded Sky
  • The answers to these questions form the denouement of the story.  - Khwaish
  • It is one of several personal points of tension that gradually build against the backdrop of larger, national events affecting the Arab-American community and lead to the explosive denouement of the story.  - AmericanEast
  • The denouement puts Isahak in a dilemma.  - Mahasamudram
  • The final denouement comes when Ram reappears and reveals that he had faked his death with the help of the Police and his doctor, so as to bring the culprits to the book.  - Ab Kya Hoga
  • The denouement of the novel is grim.  - Lamb (1985 film)
  • In this adaptation, as part of the dramatic denouement after the woman appears and effectively aborts the bet, the gambler (McQueen) tries to relieve the stress of the young woman (Adams) by lighting her cigarette.  - Man from the South
  • The denouement captures the essence of astitva.  - Astitva
  • To prove the point, he feels no ill effects when George shoots him from this very distance as an apparent 1970s denouement to the scene.  - Detectives on the Edge of a Nervous Breakdown
  • The denouement shows Vida and Wilder (the latter now wearing Vida's house arrest ankle monitor) watching Wallace on a successful Letterman reappearance as dr Napalm.  - Wilder Napalm
  • His examination of all the clues leads to a final denouement in front of the assembled suspects during a knife-throwing act.  - Circus of Fear
  • In a surprising denouement provided by the ancient man after his death, the truth is revealed in voice-over as the tribesman page through his book: He was actually a survivor of a long-ago nuclear holocaust, forced to live for decades inside his now ragged, discolored, and bulky radiation suit (which is implied to have once been covered with deadly radioactive fallout).  - Teenage Caveman (1958 film)
  • The plot is initially the banal daily routine of a rich woman taking her son to piano lessons, and conversing with a working class man in a café, drinking wine all the way, then reaches a scandal at a dinner party in chapter 7, followed by a denouement in the final chapter.  - Moderato Cantabile
  • In another he must induce an Italian dancer to betray her Indian lover, a German agent, by convincing him to cross the border from neutral Switzerland to see her in allied France, so that the Allies can arrest him; the ironic denouement is that after the man is captured by the British, then arrested, tried, and executed all on the same day, the dancer goes to Ashenden and begs to have back the valuable ring and watch she had given to the man whom she has just betrayed.  - Ashenden: Or the British Agent
  • Namsoon feels that finally she can express her feelings, and in a denouement the couple dances in a picturesque combat under the moonlight.  - Duelist (2005 film)
  • As he sits idly by and allows the best years of his life to pass, he takes May down as well, until the denouement where he learns that the great misfortune of his life was to throw it away, and to ignore the love of a good woman, based upon his preposterous sense of foreboding.  - The Beast in the Jungle
  • The denouement is revealed mainly in the court, as the defence lawyer brings witnesses who reveal what Poirot uncovers.  - Sad Cypress
  • The tragic denouement ensues in Act Four.  - The Siege of Numantia
  • The fate of Rudi is unknown at the denouement of the series, but he is offered a job smuggling orphaned Jewish children into Palestine.  - Holocaust (miniseries)
  • The novel's denouement is nearly identical to that in the final Perry Mason novel by Erle Stanley Gardner, The Case of the Postponed Murder (1970).  - The House Without a Key
  • The film culminates with a denouement between Walton and Rogers.  - Fire in the Sky
  • The film's denouement reveals that Ellen had only pretended to be insane by claiming to have seen two murders in the house next door as part of a complex scheme of hers to murder both John and Sarah for their affair (although it is left ambiguous as to whether John and Sarah were really romantically involved or just suspected by Ellen because of paranoia stemming from her first husband's infidelity, or possibly a mix of both).  - Night Watch (1973 film)
  • Holmes remarks during the denouement that they have succeeded only in postponing such a conflict, not preventing it; Holmes would later become involved in a "European War" in 1914.  - The Seven-Per-Cent Solution
  • Descriptions of alleged "fulfilled" prophecy were offered as proof of the infallibility of God's Word, and evidence that "unfulfilled" prophecies would soon find their denouement in God's plan for the planet.  - The Late, Great Planet Earth
  • An emotional public funeral takes place, but the denouement reveals that this is merely the final scene of yet another story the Baron is telling to the same theater-goers in the city.  - The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
  • As in the previous film, the film climaxes with a final interrogation and denouement featuring all the suspects.  - After the Thin Man

Example sentences for "denouement" in interesting articles

  • She struggled with small talk, regularly made social faux pas—blurting out the denouement of a mystery, or reciting divorce statistics at an engagement party—and rambled on about her interests so long that her mother devised a secret gesture, a tap on the watch, to signal her to stop.Any small disruption in her routine—dinner on the table 10 minutes later than promised, a late appointment, her little brother sitting in her favorite chair—could ruin her week.  - Autism in Women Is Misunderstood

Meaning of "denouement" in English

  • the final resolution of the main complication of a literary or dramatic work
  • the outcome of a complex sequence of events

Meaning of "denouement" in Hindi

  • निन्दा ( Ninda, nindaa)
  • अनिष्ट प्रकाशन ( Anisht prakashan, anisht prakaashan)
  • धमकी ( Dhamaki, dhamakee)
  • समाप्ति/निन्दा
  • डपट ( Dapat)
  • निर्वहण ( Nirvahan, nirwahan)
  • समाप्ति ( Samapti, samaapti)
  • अंतिम परिणाम ( Antim parinam, antim parinaam)

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