How to use "deploy" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "deploy" in popular movie and book plots

  • Rumail, meanwhile, intends to deploy a laran weapon, but the Hastur laranzu’in explode the device early.  - The Fall of Neskaya
  • The team members train together, organise equipment, deploy a computer virus and invent a GOTLER (George-operated time-lock equalising robot).  - The Parole Officer
  • The Soviets then launched a limited first strike using satellites to deploy their warheads.  - Warday
  • After frantic attempts from battalions to locate their lost patrols, the Indian Army HQ in Jammu and Kashmir decides to deploy more troops.  - LOC Kargil
  • Logan pursues him and succeeds in killing him just before he can deploy the nanovirus against the colonists.  - Chrome (video game)
  • The Japanese Self-Defence Forces deploy their forces in wait for a possible attack by Godzilla at Tokyo Bay.  - Godzilla 1985
  • Buffy and the commandos deploy in two teams in search of a Polgara demon.  - The I in Team
  • Officials also deploy bombers armed with nuclear weapons, to destroy the town, if necessary.  - The Crazies (1973 film)
  • Upon learning of this development, the Reticulans deploy stormtroopers to destroy the town and its people.  - Ground Zero: Texas
  • The women deploy Guiron to attack the giant turtle.  - Gamera vs. Guiron
  • The Hubris AI starts to manufacture and deploy nanomycelium counteragents, both on ship and on the surface of Samarkand.  - Gridlinked
  • decides to deploy the Ghosts and attack behind North Korean lines.  - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2
  • President orders all American ballistic missile submarines, surface warships, B-1s, and B-52s to deploy in readiness for war.  - World War III (miniseries)
  • They deploy the metal against the Vervoids, which causes the creatures' leaf-covered bodies to die.  - Terror of the Vervoids
  • The two are able to implant the virus and deploy a nuclear weapon on board the mothership.  - Independence Day (1996 film)
  • At home, Travis practices drawing his weapons and constructs a sleeve gun to hide and then quickly deploy a gun from his sleeve.  - Taxi Driver

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