How to use "deportation" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "deportation" in popular movie and book plots

  • Then Mortimer is back to his cell where he will await his deportation to the foreign power is behind it all.  - S.O.S. Meteors: Mortimer in Paris
  • Grimm, who is now a Reichs Commissioner, next becomes involved in the large-scale deportation of the Jews and other minority groups.  - None Shall Escape
  • With no male relative to claim them, Rebecca and David are in danger of immediate deportation until Bella begs Avram to rescue her friend.  - Rags (musical)
  • A detective arrives and apprehends the duke for deportation to Europe on accusations of being a swindler.  - The Delicious Little Devil
  • Grünlich receives a light sentence and deportation back to Vienna, where the police will be looking for him.  - Stamboul Train
  • He also has a real secret in that he is hiding a young Jewish girl who escaped from an extermination camp deportation train.  - Jakob the Liar
  • The Vichy official explains that Julien does not qualify for deportation as a Jew because he is only Jewish.  - Charlotte Gray (film)
  • Japhet Loveday has been convicted of highway robbery and sent to prison, where he faces deportation to the penal colony of Botany Bay.  - The Loveday Honour
  • Since the company had provided food and lodging, the workers face the threat of poverty and deportation due to their unemployed status.  - Syriana
  • The potential mark is Gandolfo, a rich Spaniard who is facing deportation and desperate to smuggle his wealth out of the country.  - Nine Queens
  • Things look slightly hopeful when the artifacts given to Aaron create sufficient grounds for a deportation hearing.  - Tribunal (The Outer Limits)
  • At the deportation center, Utopia expresses her surprise that Snake shut down the Earth and thus saved her.  - Escape from L.A.
  • In order to punish him, Skinner proposes deportation to Homer and Marge, by having Bart participate in a foreign exchange program.  - The Crepes of Wrath
  • He is arrested, tried on false charges of child molestation and sentenced to deportation to the prison planet Cygnus Alpha.  - Blake's 7
  • Tresckow also "signed orders for the deportation of thousands of orphaned children for forced labor in the Reich" (the so-called Heu-Aktion).  - 20 July plot
  • He agrees to deportation but insists Brontë not be charged for her role in the charade.  - Green Card (film)

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