How to use "deranged" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "deranged" in popular movie and book plots

  • In the land of Condon, the deranged Queen Victoria seals the country in behind a huge wall and establishes a "Monarchy of Terror".  - Pervirella
  • Fred tells him about his son's family of deranged cannibals who live in the hills through which the Carters have traveled.  - The Hills Have Eyes (1977 film)
  • The reward is five million credits for the capture of the deranged leader of the Bando Gora, Komari Vosa, a Dark Jedi.  - Star Wars: Bounty Hunter
  • They then pull the deranged golem, mr Crane, out of storage and escape from Cheyne III on a smuggling ship piloted by Jarvellis.  - Gridlinked
  • As Maxim returns home from London to Manderley, he sees that the manor is on fire, set ablaze by the deranged mrs Danvers.  - Rebecca (1940 film)
  • A now grown-up Basilio visits the grave of his deranged mother, Sisa, in a forested land owned by the Ibarra family one evening.  - El filibusterismo
  • The mentally deranged Nylon proclaims himself and welcomes mr X and his armies in Silverland.  - Princess Knight
  • She opens the door, but instead of finding Dawn and the other two students, Buffy finds a deranged Spike.  - Lessons (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
  • In the year 2090, Earth has suddenly become the target of deranged aliens known as the Cranassians.  - Raiden (video game)
  • Meanwhile, Bellatrix Lestrange, Sirius' deranged Death Eater cousin, escapes from Azkaban along with nine other Death Eaters.  - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (film)
  • At a party near the beach, the deranged Culloran attempts to capture Garrett.  - The Beat Generation
  • An angry and deranged Felix tries to steal the movie negatives from the studio's color lab vault, armed only with a water pistol.  - S.O.B. (film)
  • As they enter Zone 7, they encounter Lester, a wasteland overlord with deranged subordinates.  - Cherry 2000
  • Hobson does not believe this, and holds a hidden gun on the deranged soldier.  - The Quiet Earth
  • Nick does not believe the deranged man's confession; Drake was slain by a well-aimed shot.  - Song of the Thin Man
  • It is "a love letter to Hitler" written in total sincerity by deranged ex-Nazi Franz Liebkind (Kenneth Mars).  - The Producers (1968 film)

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