How to use "deride" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "deride" in popular movie and book plots

  • Coulson calls Ward to inform him of his brother's abduction, and Thomas keeps him on the phone long enough for Morse to track his location, taking the opportunity to deride him as even worse than their parents and Christian.  - Closure (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
  • But some of the older members, including her brother-in-law, Doyle, remain sceptical and deride her assurances that she is sober.  - Krisha
  • She tries to make them a home-cooked pizza using dosa batter as base, but the boys deride her attempts and insult her.  - Kaaka Muttai
  • Thomas calls a town meeting in order to spread the news but his brother and the newspaper's publishers shout him down and deride him and he is unable to state his case.  - An Enemy of the People (film)
  • When Aaron and Ryan meet with him to pay him, Frank starts to deride Aaron's ability as a writer and Aaron refuses to pay.  - Death at a Funeral (2010 film)
  • As the Eagles dominate the Giants, the crowd in the bar begins to deride the Giants in increasingly enthusiastic fashion, much to Paul's consternation.  - Big Fan
  • The townsfolk mock and deride Kuala, and she is pushed into a watering hole where she almost drowns.  - Weighed But Found Wanting
  • He is also subjected to a range of challenges from his international colleagues, many of whom deride his decision to work at sea to be with his girlfriend who is a waitress on the ship Carnival Conquest.  - Cruise Confidential
  • As Fajolo begins to pry into Bela's grandfather's secrets, she, in turn, allows her new boyfriend Peťo (Ľubo Roman) to read and deride Fajolo's discursive and indirectly remorseful letters from the farm.  - The Sun in a Net
  • Marty's friends, with an undercurrent of envy, deride Clara for her plainness and try to convince him to forget her and to remain with them, unmarried, in their fading youth.  - Marty (film)
  • Stark's dismissal of an additional few months to live leads House to deride his philosophical beliefs.  - 97 Seconds
  • But Katharine is curious about the high school; she enters it to deride it, then finds she admires it; when she hears a violin playing, she enters the school play and discovers Elnora playing "as only a peculiar chain of circumstances puts it in the power of a very few to play".  - A Girl of the Limberlost
  • Later that night, Lady Thiang and the other wives assist Anna in unpacking, and when an old photograph of her late husband Tom is discovered, the wives start to deride the unhappy Tuptim because she is in love with another man named Lun Tha, the same man who brought her to Siam.  - The King and I (1956 film)
  • Whilst hypocritically praising Onoe's acting to his face, the rest of his father's troupe deride him behind his back.  - The Story of the Last Chrysanthemums
  • Nathaniel retorts impolitely and incurs Lovelace's wrath, in the form of an invisible demon which holds him immobile, allowing Lovelace to deride his helpless condition.  - The Amulet of Samarkand
  • They deride Tonny and then leave the baby unattended.  - Pusher II
  • Soldiers also deride Christ as he is led though the streets by a rope.  - Oberammergau Passion Play

Example sentences for "deride" in interesting articles

  • For example, in the contentious 2016 US presidential election, who has tried to deeply understand Donald Trump’s worldview? Most liberals hear, “I’m going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it,” and deride him as insane.  - Habits of highly mathematical people
  • Now in the opposition, the communists deride the webcams as a publicity stunt.But others see virtue in such efforts, even if the details are still being refined.In Bangalore, the top executive of a government-owned electricity utility has been using a webcam in his office.  - Indian Official Puts Public Webcam in Government office
  • As Peshine parents and teachers spoke, Anderson’s opponents held aloft signs saying “Paid for by Cami Anderson.” A Peshine teacher confronted Donna Jackson, an activist and perennial detractor of Booker and Anderson, asking why she would deride Newark teachers who were helping children.  - A Test for School Reform in Newark
  • They’re a new generation of Republicans.” This in San Francisco, the city that all the world likes to deride for the silliness of its political correctness? Truly, these are end times.  - How the Internet ruined San Francisco (1999)
  • And what national politician talks about poverty? Can you name any?America is moving toward the kind of bifurcated society we used to deride in banana republics--rich getting richer in gated communities, while the poor grow poorer, barely seen in segregated urban ghettos and hidden rural decay.  - To Make America Great Again, We Need to Leave the Country

Meaning of "deride" in English

  • treat or speak of with contempt

Meaning of "deride" in Hindi

  • हंसना ( Hansana, hansanaa)
  • ठट्ठा मारना ( Thattha marana, thatthaa maaranaa)
  • हंसी उडाना ( Hansi udana, hansee udanaa)
  • हंसी उड़ाना ( Hansi udana, hansee udanaa)
  • अवहास करना ( Avahas karana, avahaas karanaa, awahas karana)
  • उपहास करना ( Upahas karana, upahaas karanaa)

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