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Example sentences for "derivative" in popular movie and book plots

  • She goes on to criticize the derivative nature of the follow-up, saying that it felt contrived and would only tarnish the legacy of the original.  - Chapter 10 (American Horror Story)
  • A new memetic trend emerges called "Faith Hilling", a derivative of planking, which involves having a picture of oneself taken while pulling the front of one's shirt forward in mock resemblance of women's breasts.  - Faith Hilling
  • The Dark Knight was able to bring it under control, but not before Arkham was left in ruins following a final showdown with his nemesis, who had injected himself and numerous other test subjects with Titan, a Venom super-steroid derivative which had the ability to turn men into maddened monsters.  - Batman: Arkham City (comic book)
  • This is a story derivative of The Dirty Dozen, but set during the American Civil War.  - A Reason to Live, a Reason to Die
  • He is injected with a toxic derivative of pentothal by Reardon Payne (Kevin Weisman), a former gymnast-turned mercenary and is told to retrieve the nuclear codes he has hidden in exchange for the antidote.  - Chuck Versus the Truth
  • He also reasons with her that her father (Gus) had not raped her mother by pointing out that her name, Augstina (the feminine derivative of "Augustus"), was given to her by her mother to honor her father's memory.  - Return to Lonesome Dove
  • These devices include: the Gerber GraphAnalogue, which directly performs computations on graphical data based on almost any linear or nonlinear function; the Gerber Derivimeter, which gives the derivative of a curve; and the Gerber Equameter, which provides the equation of a curve based on mathematical series such as Fourier Series and polynomial expansions rapidly and without requiring knowledge of mathematics except for addition.  - Joseph Gerber
  • Also featured are a vignette of the team's mental image of a "younger and edgier" SG-1 (sparked by the studio's suggestion to replace the original Wormhole X-Treme cast), a suggested scene by Martin that turns out to be both scientifically inaccurate and highly derivative of Star Trek, a re-imagined version of the SG-1 pilot episode where all the characters are marionettes in the style of the television series Thunderbirds, and an imagined wedding that features the return of General O'Neill (Richard Dean Anderson).  - 200 (Stargate SG-1)
  • The story revolves around the theft of two germ warfare agents, botulinum toxin and the indestructible "Satan Bug" (a laboratory-conceived derivative of poliovirus), from the Mordon Microbiological Research Establishment (similar to Porton Down).  - The Satan Bug (novel)
  • They claim to have chosen this name for themselves as a derivative of the Russian word lyudi "humans", "people" with several semi-jocular allusions such as the popular Latin phrase Homo Ludens "the Playing Man" and an anagram of the Russian word nelyudi "inhuman people" (as they believe they are regarded by some "ordinary" humans).  - The Time Wanderers
  • With supplies of the successful serum running low, Campbell isolates a derivative of a species of flower from which the formula can be synthesized and with Crane's help is determined to find its source.  - Medicine Man (film)
  • realizes HERO is a threat, and the Chief of police Devlin (a derivative of the Devil or Satan), with the help of chief Rabbi Kai (Caiaphas), conspire to end HERO's revolutionary teachings.  - !Hero
  • The characters rebel at this stale and derivative staging of the story and demand a fresh approach.  - Red Hot Riding Hood
  • A derivative of dimethylethylhexabutylpeptopeyotine".  - The Futurological Congress
  • We assume that f(z) is rational, that is, formula_1 where p(z) and q(z) are complex polynomials of degrees m and n, respectively, and we have to find the derivative of the above expressions for φ(z).  - Julia set

Example sentences for "derivative" in interesting articles

Meaning of "derivative" in English

  • resulting from or employing derivation
    - a highly derivative prose style
  • the result of mathematical differentiation; the instantaneous change of one quantity relative to another; df(x)/dx
  • (linguistics) a word that is derived from another word
  • a financial instrument whose value is based on another security
  • a compound obtained from, or regarded as derived from, another compound

Meaning of "derivative" in Hindi

  • अमौलिक
  • संजात ( Sanjat, sanjaat, sanzat)
  • दूसरी वस्तु से लिया हुआ ( Dusari vastu se liya hu, doosaree vastu se liyaa huaa, dusari wastu se liya hu)
  • व्युत्पतिलब्ध ( Vyutpatilabdh, wyutpatilabdh)
  • व्युत्पन्न ( Vyutpann, wyutpann)
  • मूल धातु से उत्पन्न शब्द ( Mul dhatu se utpann shabd, mool dhaatu se utpann shabd)
  • यौगिक पद ( Yaugik pad)
  • प्रसूत ( Prasut, prasoot)
  • व्युत्पादित ( Vyutpadit, vyutpaadit, wyutpadit)
  • अमौलिक ( Amaulik)

Synonyms of "derivative"

  • differential
  • derived function
  • derivative instrument
  • first derivative
  • differential coefficient

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