How to use "deterrent" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "deterrent" in popular movie and book plots

  • Shanti proves to her daughter that age is not a major deterrent to learning and that she can pick up where she left off several years ago.  - Amma Kanakku
  • During the gang war, Stephanie Brown returns home to see her father meeting with other villains, narrowly escaping when her dad attempts to kill her for being a possible deterrent to his boss and his associates' rising to power in Gotham.  - Batman Eternal
  • He suggests that all of the prisoners are sutured together mouth-to-anus, forming a giant human prison centipede, claiming that it will be the ultimate deterrent for anyone considering a life of crime.  - The Human Centipede 3 (Final Sequence)
  • Without the deterrent effect of being constantly monitored, the city's criminal element embark on a frenzy of looting and mayhem, until the now seriously handicapped Justice Department loses control of the streets.  - Day of Chaos
  • Admiral James Ritchie, now in charge of America's deterrent forces, is overseeing the transfer of Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines to Australia when he receives the call; he tells the president that the neutron bombs were destroyed in the 1990s, and that chemical and biological weapons are out of the question because they were in the process of being demilled when the Wave hit.  - After America
  • Aleyamma convinces Mikhael to rent out their outhouse to Kunjachan, as a deterrent from further attacks by Paappan or Jimmy.  - Kottayam Kunjachan
  • Paz reveals herself to be the traitor, using Zadornov's escapes to seize control of Metal Gear ZEKE, a walking tank designed by Huey to act as MSF's deterrent against foreign intervention.  - Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
  • plans to harness the Tesseract to develop weapons as a deterrent against hostile extraterrestrials.  - The Avengers (2012 film)
  • The deterrent role is taken over by long-range nuclear-powered cruise missiles.  - Missile Gap
  • Five years have passed since the computer known as Colossus used its control over the world's nuclear deterrent to take control of humanity.  - The Fall of Colossus
  • Adol travels out of Lance towards the shrine at the center of the island, passing through the Glacier of Noltia and the lava filled Moat of Burnedbless, two geographical features created by the Goddesses 700 years ago as an attempted deterrent to demons attacking the shrine.  - Ys I & II
  • The Doctor tells C'rizz to keep his meeting with Gemma secret, removes Davros's taint from Samson's mind and gives Harriet the virus as a deterrent to defend Earth if the Daleks threaten to return.  - Terror Firma
  • Navy destroyer being used as a deterrent against the Soviet capsules being used against America, Bechner, Clark, and Eve discuss their concerns that the Soviets will use them at the last minute, avoiding retaliation.  - The 27th Day
  • Following the attack by Simmons, Violator convinces Wynn to have a device attached to his heart that will release Heat 16 worldwide if his vital signs flatline as a deterrent against assassination attempts.  - Spawn (film)
  • Her solicitor thinks she will receive the minimum sentence of 18 months in jail; the judge sentences her to two and a half years imprisonment "as a deterrent to others".  - Vera Drake
  • When the President's wheelchair-bound scientific advisor, former-Nazi dr Strangelove points out that such a doomsday device would only be an effective deterrent if everyone knew about it, de Sadeski replies that the Russian Premier had planned to reveal its existence to the world the following week.  - Dr. Strangelove

Example sentences for "deterrent" in interesting articles

  • My point is that in many cases people spend too much energy complaining that the playing field is not completely level instead of spending that energy playing on the field and leveraging the opportunities. Oprah Winfrey offered guidance when she said, “Excellence is the best deterrent to racism or sexism.” For example, instead of piling onto the attacks on Arrington, I opted instead to introduce him to a black entrepreneur: me.  - How To Be A Successful (African) American in Silicon Valley
  • When I asked one World Bank representative why this was not published, he responded, “Our clients [that is, governments] wouldn’t like it because they’ve got too much invested in the idea.” As research has shown with those who joined al-Qaeda, prior marriage does not seem to be a deterrent to those now volunteering for ISIS; and among the senior ranks of such groups, there are many who have had access to considerable education—especially in scientific fields such as engineering and medicine that require great discipline and a willingness to delay gratification.  - The War ISIS Wants
  • Indeed the danger of starting an accidental nuclear war as a result of a false alarm outweighs its deterrent value.Many experts agree, but presidents follow the political and highly dangerous path of sizing our nuclear force to achieve “parity” with Russia.  - A Stark Nuclear Warning
  • But the very real possibility that we would shut ourselves down (which would be public) rather than sabotage what we do and love should act as some deterrent to those who might wish to compel us to introduce a backdoor. Only communications tools appear to be targeted From the most recent revelations, the targets appear to be communication tools and protocols.  - 1Password and the Crypto Wars
  • Instead, he has set out on an urgent pilgrimage. Bill Perry has become, he says with a rueful smile, “a prophet of doom.” His life’s work, most of it highly classified, was nuclear weapons—how to maximize the fearsome deterrent power of the U.S.  - How an 89-year-old cold warrior became America’s nuclear conscience
  • The thought was that the threat of mandatory long sentences would serve as more of a deterrent (and they had, as always, the added effect of allowing legislators to position themselves as being “tough on crime”.) Prosecutors, for a variety of reasons including a sense of distaste at the mandatory sentences and a desire to offload cases from what are always overloaded and jammed up schedules, offer plea deals which effectively skirt around these mandatory minimums.  - How the Drug War Disappeared the Jury Trial
  • The North, he said, considers these programs a deterrent against attack. Video Bold Threats From North Korea The Times’s David E.  - New Sanctions Imposed on North Korea as it Warns of Pre-emptive Nuclear Attack
  • nuclear deterrent is in "a special mode" for one hour on either side of a leap second and that the cost runs into "two-digit million dollars." But what do leap seconds actually do? Leap seconds make sure the sun is due south at noon by adjusting noon to happen when the sun is due south at the reference location.  - The One-second War (What Time Will You Die?)
  • READ ALSO: Cab driver accused of raping woman in Delhi arrested in Mathura New law no deterrent to rapists AAP protests outside Rajnath's residence over cab rape According to reports, additional DCP southeast Delhi police had issued a character certificate for Shiv Kumar Yadav in August 2014.  - Uber banned in Delhi, CEO deflects blame in rape case
  • READ ALSO: Women safety in India — Not yet Uber New law no deterrent to rapists Yadav was accompanied by a friend and was apparently heading to a safer hideout after collecting money when the teams closed in on him around 6pm.  - Uber cab driver was arrested in 2011 rape case, spent 7 months in prison
  • If you're considering applying and worried about any of these things, we hope you see this section as a show of support, not a deterrent to coming to the Recurse Center.  - Hacker School User's Manual
  • This teaches students to not only coherently defend their actions, but also how to handle difficult social situations in a peer-to-peer context.Having witnessed the dynamics of the JC as an intern, I believe it’s a far more effective deterrent to disruptive behavior than detention or parent-teacher conferences.  - The school that hates rules
  • Dylan says the law is not much of a deterrent for him.  - Microdosing: People taking LSD with breakfast

Meaning of "deterrent" in English

  • tending to deter
  • something immaterial that interferes with or delays action or progress

Meaning of "deterrent" in Hindi

  • निवारक
  • डराकर रोकने वाला ( Darakar rokane vala, daraakar rokane vaalaa, darakar rokane wala)
  • निरोधक ( Nirodhak)
  • निवारक ( Nivarak, nivaarak, niwarak)
  • भयोत्पादक ( Bhayotpadak, bhayotpaadak)

Synonyms of "deterrent"

  • balk
  • baulk
  • impediment
  • handicap
  • hindrance
  • hinderance
  • check

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