How to use "diatribe" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "diatribe" in popular movie and book plots

  • CatCo shock jock Leslie Willis delivers a diatribe against Supergirl.  - Livewire (Supergirl)
  • The Little Man and his wife vow to continue to diatribe the government until the housing crisis is resolved and “everyone in America has a decent place to live in".  - One-Third of a Nation
  • She delivers a pointed diatribe about many of her classmates, and then dramatically whips off her shawl, revealing her bald head.  - Scarecrow (1984 film)
  • At theN, as Akad leads another diatribe against the project, Hotchkiss receives notification of Van Ponder's death.  - War of the Satellites
  • She manages to escape his grasp, then in a long, rambling diatribe Scott accuses Poppy of trying to seduce him, revealing his romantic feelings for her.  - Happy-Go-Lucky
  • He then goes on a verbal diatribe explaining he is an aristocrat (albeit dispossessed of his castle by the current governmental regime) along with relating the history of the Von Helsing family and the Draculas.  - The She Beast
  • The scene is indicative of the experimental nature of the picture, and includes much overlapping dialogue: a tape recorder belonging to reporter Juliette Riche (Susan Strasberg) playing back Hannaford's voice, while a member of Hannaford's entourage Pat (Edmond O'Brien) reads out an authoritarian anti-hippy diatribe of Hannaford's, fellow reporter Pister struggles to thread the tape back onto his reel-to-reel tape recorder, and at the same time, film footage of the scene is rapidly intercut with footage from Hannaford's film.  - The Other Side of the Wind
  • Just as Mick reaches the climactic line of his diatribe geared to put the old tramp off balance—"Who do you bank with.  - The Caretaker
  • With some irony, Lyndall ends her diatribe with the observation that Waldo is the only person with whom she can converse – others simply bore her.  - The Story of an African Farm
  • Willoughby gets $50, a new suit of clothes, and a plush hotel suite with his tramp friend "The Colonel" (Walter Brennan), who launches into an extended diatribe against "the heelots", lots of heels who incessantly focus on getting money from others.  - Meet John Doe
  • When the prison officials suggest that the condemned man owes the state a debt, Father Flanagan witnesses the condemned man's diatribe to prison officials and a reporter that describes his awful plight as a homeless and friendless boy who was a ward in state institutions.  - Boys Town (film)
  • The speech rallies the students to a standing ovation, but her subversive diatribe results in her getting a suspension from school.  - Election (1999 film)
  • On the date, a boring evening is broken up only by an amusing diatribe by Tom against the movie In & Out.  - All Over the Guy
  • The accidental drug overdose kills him in his sleep, seemingly justifying the aversion to chemicals he previously espoused in a diatribe delivered to Stevo.  - SLC Punk!
  • His diatribe falls on the ears of many citizens of the town, who turned to religion in droves but would not have done so under normal circumstances.  - The Plague

Example sentences for "diatribe" in interesting articles

Meaning of "diatribe" in English

  • thunderous verbal attack

Meaning of "diatribe" in Hindi

  • कठोर समालोचना ( Kathor samalochana, kathor samaalochanaa)
  • विवाद ( Vivad, vivaad, wiwad)
  • आक्षेप ( Aakshep)
  • कठोर समालोचना

Synonyms of "diatribe"

  • fulmination

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