How to use "dictator" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "dictator" in popular movie and book plots

  • In present day, in Mali, a civil war is being fought between dictator General Kazim and Tuareg people.  - Sahara (2005 film)
  • The land of Shant on the planet Durdane is ruled by a purposely anonymous dictator called the Anome or Faceless Man.  - Durdane series
  • The entire culture is ruled over by cloaked and cowled "Lawgivers", controlled by a reclusive dictator known as Landru (Charles Macaulay).  - The Return of the Archons
  • Strider is set in a dystopian future in the year 2048, where a mysterious dictator known as the "Grandmaster" rules over the world.  - Strider (arcade game)
  • He is the dictator of Twinsun who controls the planet using three powers: cloning, teleportation and mutant breeding.  - Little Big Adventure
  • Led by dictator General Giorgio Zott, the invaders conquer 80% of Astigos in a matter of weeks despite international protests.  - Time Crisis 3
  • The main antagonist is a young dictator named Zaygos, who wants to use the Dal Gren for his own nefarious purposes.  - Paladin's Quest
  • Unbeknownst to the team, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il is supplying international terrorists with weapons of mass destruction.  - Team America: World Police
  • On June 22, 1941, Confederate dictator Jake Featherston launches the war with a bombing attack on all majorS.  - Settling Accounts
  • However, the government, led by a dictator Marshal, is busy preparing for a war of conquest and does not really care.  - The White Disease
  • It is revealed that Benito is actually Benito Mussolini, the former dictator of Italy.  - Inferno (Niven and Pournelle novel)
  • The boys finally meet with the Prime Minister, a gigantic floating head who is a brutal dictator and refuses to repeal his laws.  - It's Christmas in Canada
  • Upon hearing this, Koopa sends Spike and Iggy to find both Daisy and the rock to merge the dimensions and make him dictator of both worlds.  - Super Mario Bros. (film)
  • Batiatus receives a visit from the Roman senator Marcus Licinius Crassus (Laurence Olivier), who aims to become dictator of Rome.  - Spartacus (film)
  • The dictator later uses ice-nine to commit suicide rather than succumb to his inoperable cancer.  - Cat's Cradle
  • People gawk at the appearance of the Nazi dictator in Warsaw, until a young girl asks for the autograph of "Mr.  - To Be or Not to Be (1942 film)

Meaning of "dictator" in English

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