How to use "disbelief" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "disbelief" in popular movie and book plots

  • As Cambria stares in disbelief at Coheed, she too starts to transform.  - The Second Stage Turbine Blade (comics)
  • It stops on the Robot Devil himself, much to his disbelief and horror.  - The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings
  • The rocket is finally launched, with the whale in tow, much to the shock and disbelief of the ALF.  - Free Willzyx
  • Phanor arrives and reveals to Seid and Palmira to their disbelief that Zopir was their father.  - Mahomet (play)
  • Just before being shot, Bexy expresses astonishment and disbelief Yeti has a gun and say's 'Oh, come on.  - The Firm (1989 film)
  • In disbelief about Homer's story, Marge invites her neighbor, Ruth Powers to attend with her.  - Marge on the Lam
  • She wants to defend Nick because of her disbelief that he would ever do such a thing.  - Seems Like Old Times (film)
  • A frustrated Brell begins destroying electrical equipment, in total disbelief over Zeus' loss.  - No Holds Barred (1989 film)
  • Soma expresses disbelief at the return of his powers, but Arikado reveals that his powers were never lost, only dormant.  - Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
  • indicates his disbelief in Gnomes.  - The Gnome-Mobile
  • While The Director is not an author, he agrees to stage their story despite disbelief amongst the jeering actors.  - Six Characters in Search of an Author
  • Buzz reports this to Officers Hansen and Kelly, who are in disbelief until they see the shaggy dog driving Buzz's hot rod.  - The Shaggy Dog (1959 film)
  • When the crowd expresses its disbelief at a black sheriff, Ahchoo reminds them that "it worked in Blazing Saddles".  - Robin Hood: Men in Tights
  • When he goes face-to-face with Stockburn, the latter recognizes him in disbelief and goes for his gun.  - Pale Rider
  • Appalled in disbelief and enraged, she decides to go.  - Snow White
  • The final scene shows the couple staring in disbelief at the boundary of the cathedral, with the goat gazing back at them.  - Incubus (1966 film)

Meaning of "disbelief" in English

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Meaning of "disbelief" in Hindi

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