How to use "discrepancy" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "discrepancy" in popular movie and book plots

  • While backstage preparing for Soul Train, Mike shares the news with the band, saying that he's going to potentially settle the discrepancy and make their own deal with MCA.  - The New Edition Story
  • Ray Price visits Richard at work and claims that Freddy changed his appearance to avoid capture, explaining the discrepancy in the wanted poster.  - Cold in July (film)
  • Sakthi enlists the helps of Maya, who brings him to a branch of Bangkok Bank to recover his details, hoping there would be a discrepancy somewhere to help Trekker Sakthi prove he was not Tycoon Sakthi.  - Samar (2013 film)
  • The discrepancy between this and the earlier depiction of Draco having committed suicide is not explained.  - My Immortal (fan fiction)
  • He asks Cuddy whether she has another type of lipstick, one with a "sealing agent", that might explain the discrepancy between his memory of the smeared kiss and the reality that now confronts him of the unsmeared coffee cup.  - Both Sides Now (House)
  • Due to a discrepancy in weight, she begins to believe that there was a passenger in the corpse.  - Badlaa
  • Betty tells Marc about the budget discrepancy and he's skeptical that she caught something that all the real accountants didn't.  - Things Fall Apart (Ugly Betty)
  • Marty's nephew Mike, a teenage drug dealer, confesses that he was at the Grice home the night of the murder, and from the discrepancy in times between his account and what was told to the police, Kinsey realises that it was Elaine who died in the Grice fire, not Marty.  - "B" Is for Burglar
  • They are unable to resolve this discrepancy but decide it doesn't present any danger to the mission, and the countdown proceeds.  - Stowaway to the Moon (film)
  • Jess notices a discrepancy in a necklace that Ryan gave her before his accident, but brushes it aside until she discovers the original necklace hidden in a picture frame.  - Possession (2009 film)
  • All of a sudden, a church accountant asks Ted about a discrepancy with church expenses.  - Are You Right There Father Ted?
  • Further checking determines a discrepancy between what was listed on a cargo ship's manifest and what actually made it to the destination.  - The Fifth Horseman (novel)
  • Unlike earlier volumes, the comic book portions of Black Dossier are not set in the Victorian era; rather, they are set in 1958, after the fall of the Big Brother government from Nineteen Eighty Four (the explanation for this discrepancy is that Orwell's book was originally set in 1948, but the dates were changed by the publisher).  - The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Black Dossier
  • The two enter the store, arguing over a discrepancy between the film Star Trek Generations and the Technical Manual.  - The Formula (2002 film)
  • The movie both makes fun of gamer stereotypes and plays the discrepancy between an optimal RPG plot and the events of an actual RPG session for maximum absurdity.  - The Gamers (film)
  • Danus admits that their surveys do support Carson, but explains that a scientist named Klufar had remedied this apparent discrepancy by inventing and applying the imaginary unit.  - Pirates of Venus
  • Puzzled by an apparent three-minute time discrepancy - revealed by a perusal of a stopwatch that was active during the switch - Cramden visits former agent Derek Flint at his New York City home.  - In Like Flint
  • The papers show a discrepancy in how much food is needed for personnel and how much is coming in.  - The Enemy of the World
  • Data meanwhile finds a discrepancy in the Stargazer's logs stating that the Ferengi were attacked under a flag of truce.  - The Battle (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • Max returns the $300, but his boss notices the discrepancy in the books and summons both Max and the debtor to his office.  - In Praise of Pip
  • In a discrepancy the rats were divided into eight groups, but one group was sent each way.  - Marlfox
  • Stern asserts that the only explanation for this discrepancy is that the fluid sample was not actually taken from Carolyn's body.  - Presumed Innocent (film)
  • A supervisor stumbles on a discrepancy in the records resulting from clandestine drug importation, necessitating the elimination of the section.  - Six Days of the Condor
  • Maxine (narrator): Maxine is still a young girl, still coming to terms with adolescence and the transition into womanhood, in terms of not only the physical and emotional changes brought on by puberty, but also of the societal expectations placed on Chinese girls and the discrepancy between Chinese and American ideas of womanhood.  - The Woman Warrior
  • Jordan Wyman analyzed this discrepancy and claims that the dates must have been 4 August and 4 October respectively.  - The Red-Headed League
  • The discrepancy on whether Chieko was a foundling or stolen is part of the plot and is revealed later in the story.  - The Old Capital
  • There is some discrepancy as to where "The Five and a Half Minute Hallway" appears.  - House of Leaves
  • Accountant Leopold "Leo" Bloom (Wilder) arrives at Max's office to do his books and discovers a $2,000 discrepancy in the accounts of Max's last play.  - The Producers (1968 film)
  • Despite Scott measuring two inches shorter than the height to which he has been accustomed since his teenaged years, the doctor dismisses the discrepancy as past error and reassures him that he is in perfect health and that "people just don't get shorter".  - The Incredible Shrinking Man

Example sentences for "discrepancy" in interesting articles

  • And I deluded myself in thinking that there was, because I was eager to start my own thing and thought that this was something that I myself would use.So where does this discrepancy come from? Why are people enthusiastic about the idea but then end up not buying? The problem is actually quite interesting.  - Lessons I learned from the failure of my first startup, Dinnr
  • After doing all of this, we found that there was just a slight discrepancy left over between what was predicted and observed: a precession of just 43"-per-century, or just 0.012°-per-century.  - Could dark matter not exist?
  • How and why this discrepancy arises is not known and is the cause of much bemused embarrassment among cosmologists.Then there is the cosmological red-shift itself, which is another mystery.  - Paradoxes That Threaten to Tear Modern Cosmology Apart
  • “Freedom of expression, while broadly available in theory,” Ganguly tells TIME, “is endangered by abuse of various India laws.” There is a growing discrepancy and power imbalance between citizens and the state, says Anja Kovacs of the Internet Democracy Project.  - In India, Prism-like Surveillance Slips Under the Radar
  • Once I get to my penis, the discrepancy in sensitivity is startling.  - Did porn warp me forever?
  • There was a reasonable discrepancy between the Bitly and Google numbers, Brar says, but not the five-fold margin between Google's and Facebook's click counts. At one point, data from Facebook indicated his ads had delivered 606,000 clicks, but the site itself registered only 160,000 incoming clicks from Facebook, according to data supplied by Brar.  - This Man's $600K Facebook Disaster Is a Warning For All Small Businesses
  • One important reason for the discrepancy is that small incidents are often missed in press reports.  - Mortality in Iraq Associated with the 20032011 War and Occupation
  • The number is based on the sexual discrepancy among people aged 19 and below.  - Gendercide: The worldwide war on baby girls
  • But the vast majority were occupied in more-constructive ways, moving ahead of boys in the primary and secondary grades, applying to college in record numbers, filling challenging academic classes, joining sports teams, and generally enjoying more freedom and opportunities than any other young women in history. The great discrepancy between what Gilligan says she discovered about adolescent girls and what numerous other scientists say they have learned raises obvious questions about the quality of Gilligan's research.  - The War Against Boys
  • After finding a discrepancy at a certain location in the Mexican jungle, he was provided with radar images by the Canadian Space Agency, and asked a Remote Sensing expert Dr.  - “Ancient Mayan city” discovered by teen may in fact be cannabis crop

Meaning of "discrepancy" in English

  • a difference between conflicting facts or claims or opinions
  • an event that departs from expectations

Meaning of "discrepancy" in Hindi

  • विरोध ( Virodh, wirodh)
  • असंगति ( Asangati)
  • असंगती
  • विभेद ( Vibhed, wibhed)
  • विरुद्धता ( Viruddhata, viruddhataa, wiruddhata)
  • अन्तर ( Antar)
  • अंतर ( Antar)
  • विसंगति ( Visangati, wisangati)
  • भेद ( Bhed)
  • भिन्नता ( Bhinnata, bhinnataa)
  • असहमति ( Asahamati)
  • अस‌ंगति ( Asangati)
  • अन्तर फर्क ( Antar phark, antar fark)

Synonyms of "discrepancy"

  • variant
  • variance
  • divergence
  • disagreement

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