How to use "discrete" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "discrete" in popular movie and book plots

  • The bank operate the affable Kuno Gram eggs ( Toni Berger ), also a (upper) Bayer far from home, the industrious secretary mrs Heise ( Karin Rasenack ) and the discrete as tradition-conscious concierge Lohlein ( Günther Jerschke ).  - Zwei Münchner in Hamburg
  • Kemal regards each object related to Füsun and their love, collected over the years, as portraying some discrete moment of happiness and bliss in the passage of those nine years.  - The Museum of Innocence
  • Part IV, "Gloucestershire," represents the third discrete 'counterlife' in the novel.  - The Counterlife
  • She begins to make discrete enquiries about him, but is frightened off by a series of incidents in which her hotel room is repeatedly ransacked.  - The Devil's Feather
  • Although the night raid of Nisus and Euryalus has a discrete narrative unity, it is closely related to major themes of the epic, such as the transition from boyhood to manhood, also present in the characters of Ascanius, Pallas, and Lausus, and the waste of young lives in war.  - Nisus and Euryalus
  • The pilot is also given discrete flight adjustments to fly directly to the objective.  - Target-Invisible
  • But a discrete smile from Raghallach reveals to Caith that it is actually Nuallan in disguise.  - The Brothers (novella)
  • There, Ace discovers that the World exists on the inner surface of a hollow sphere, and there are three different Cities existing at three discrete moments in time stretching out from the Watch Tower.  - Cat's Cradle: Time's Crucible
  • For their first mission as a discrete unit, the party is assigned a small shuttlepod and instructed to sweep the nearby area.  - Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday
  • Tschai, like Earth, is a world of several discrete continents.  - Planet of Adventure
  • Upon invention, the onion-shell-model was used by the authors as if there are definite and discrete stages in cosmological evolution.  - Perry Rhodan

Example sentences for "discrete" in interesting articles

  • (India is also the one country discussed here that I didn't visit personally.) Many of the developers in India are produced en masse via intensive training programs focusing on a discrete technology.  - Lessons from Outsourcing to India, China and the Philippines
  • SM is a temporary memory that allows us to remember a very limited number of discrete items, behaviors, or patterns for a short period of time.  - Why Angry Birds is so successful and popular?
  • Two SSD slots, discrete graphics, a teeny tiny form factor and a super-clean look.  - Warning: 2016 MacBook Pro is not compatible with Linux
  • This is also perfectly obvious. On the bright side, NSA apparently thinks EC discrete log is hard.  - RSA warns developers not to use RSA products
  • I need to be a little more discrete when I rant, ad when I do, try not to overtone things too much and let a healthy discussion continue.  - Finding Unity in the Math Wars
  • The country’s biggest year for watch exporting was 1963. Many watch factories had been producing several discrete brands, but in the early ’60s most of these brands were consolidated under a few names.  - Movements of the Cold War: How the Soviets Revolutionized Wristwatches
  • The VIA, Intel and Freescale systems all used integrated graphics while the AMD system was equipped with a discrete NVIDIA NX6200 AGP card. Even though the three x86 systems ran at 24-bit color depth, they were all two to three times faster than the ARM system that ran at only 16-bit color depth.  - The Coming War: ARM versus x86
  • There were many classes I was required to take and hated at the time, but now, years later, I realize the deep impact they had on my thinking and have gained a deeper appreciation of the subject matter."] ,[1] ,[1] ,[0,"Computer science is an extension of math, and teaching people basic coding and algorithms teaches them how to approach problem solving by breaking down things into smaller subproblems and encoding the solution as a series of discrete steps.  - Judge Alsup learns to code and schools Oracle
  • But here is what I did learn and use every day: computerarchitecture, discrete mathematics, statistics, compiler theory,… Do you need to understand all of that to solve problems I see from day to day? Not really, but I’d miss out.  - A School With No Teachers, Where Students Teach Themselves
  • When you ‘zoom in’ and look closer at raster data, at some point you’ll see these discrete pixels, and it will look pixelated. Raster data is used in pictures of the Earth, like those taken by satellites - but that is just the beginning.  - Map school: a free introduction to geo
  • That process can not be reduced to a series of discrete computation steps.  - “How old is the shepherd?” – The problem that shook school mathematics

Meaning of "discrete" in English

  • constituting a separate entity or part
    - on two distinct occasions

Meaning of "discrete" in Hindi

  • असतत ( Asatat)
  • अलग ( Alag)
  • विभिन्न ( Vibhinn, wibhinn)
  • भिन्न ( Bhinn)
  • विलग ( Vilag, wilag)
  • विविक्त ( Vivikt, wiwikt)

Synonyms of "discrete"

  • distinct

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