How to use "discretion" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "discretion" in popular movie and book plots

  • A viewer discretion warning appears, flashing to a live action sequence.  - I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining
  • Even Conan is uncertain, but as the new goddess is inclined to defend her property and has the upper hand, he decides discretion is the better part of valor, and must depart Punt with neither girl nor treasure.  - The Ivory Goddess
  • He bestows the clone named US 47 with human discretion and human emotion.  - Hollywood (2002 film)
  • Her skills and discretion are much in demand, and she has managed to stuff a good sum of money into her quilt over the years.  - Intimate Apparel (play)
  • She fights the case, but the judge refuses to exercise any discretion in her favour, and declines to grant a divorce.  - Holy Deadlock
  • During their time together, the Marchesa and Ramage develop a Romeo-and-Juliet-esque relationship, with the conniving of her family and the demands of discretion upon them.  - Ramage (novel)
  • Philip runs into Oliver at his day job in a music store, and Oliver is grateful to him for his discretion in not letting on that he knows him.  - In the Flesh (1998 film)
  • Confused and overpowered, Mei Oi surrenders to Ah Song and they make love – whether this is truly rape or not is left to the discretion of the reader.  - Eat a Bowl of Tea
  • As the two become closer and Bernard becomes more relaxed, he begins to drink again, initially with discretion but eventually to an extent that it begins to hinder his performance.  - Bernard and Doris
  • He shows no discretion in teaching the oppressed how to help themselves and has no tact when dealing with small-time oppressors to help the greater good of the revolution.  - The Decision (play)
  • She is warned that he is a miser, but with flattery and the promise of discretion (because he is married) she manages to get him to buy the tiara for her.  - Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (novel)
  • Erwin remains with Böser until the unsealing of Alhazard, at which point he may leave it to the player's discretion whether or not to continue on with Böser or to betray him.  - Langrisser II
  • After de Maynes easily disarms him several times, Moreau chooses discretion over valor and flees for his life, vowing to kill de Maynes the same way he slew de Valmorin: Chased by de Maynes's henchmen led by the Chevalier de Chabrillaine (Henry Wilcoxon), Moreau hides out in the commedia dell'arte troupe in which Lenore performs.  - Scaramouche (1952 film)
  • Thus, the miners and their adopted daughter travel to Laboue, a planet known for its discretion and secrecy in such matters, taking with them the beacon exchanged with that of the dead ship.  - Acorna: The Unicorn Girl
  • Some discretion must be made in a plot summary as to which of these thoughts and memories warrant detailing.  - The Hours (novel)
  • However, unaccustomed to the political discretion required, he quickly embarrasses the wrong people by speaking his mind and is sent back to the field with the assignment of assassinating Prince Nasir, whom the CIA identifies as being the financier behind the Egyptian's acquisition of the missile.  - Syriana
  • She is extremely vague in defining the problem, but adds several times that discretion is paramount as family is involved.  - Poirot's Early Cases
  • Astonishingly, despite the high level of discretion surrounding Noh, Kai manages to infiltrate the agency, personally, by using its policy of masked operatives to his advantage.  - Kabuki (comics)
  • Marang explained that for political reasons the contract required utmost discretion and promised that Waterlow would shortly receive appropriate documentation from Lisbon.  - Alves dos Reis
  • The work has been praised for its elegant style, and the discretion with which the subject is treated.  - Les amitiés particulières
  • There has been discretion over the selected heir.  - House of Tudor

Example sentences for "discretion" in interesting articles

  • “It’s about setting them on the right path through thoughtful dialog, treating their personal vulnerabilities with discretion and being there to support them during their moments of self-doubt.”She makes a point of getting back to founders within 24 hours no matter where she is.  - Zen and the Art of Surviving India's Startup Crash
  • Those earlier cases have given the police broad discretion to search possessions on the person of an arrested suspect, including notebooks, calendars and pagers.  - Obama administration asks Supreme Court to allow warrantless cellphone searches
  • “What’s most striking about the targeting procedures is the discretion they confer on the NSA,” said Elizabeth Goitein, co-director of the Brennan Center for Justice’s Liberty and National Security program.  - Newly disclosed papers give rules for NSA surveillance without a warrant
  • Anywhere you stop it with an arbitrary finger, you will find a country, a region with Confederate principles -- the subjugation of one or more groups at the whimsical discretion of the ones in power.  - Apple Removes American Civil War Games from the App Store
  • My job is just to enforce them.” Of course, Wiseman does have discretion over whom he charges and what charges he files.  - The War on Cameras
  • Of course, they have a certain amount of discretion already.  - We lost the war. Welcome to the world of tomorrow (2006)
  • The ISP has discretion what the mitigation measure is." She said that if a user reaches the fifth or sixth stage, "they are pushed through to a 10 minute educational video," and if that doesn’t change their behavior, "they are then, from our perspective, out of the program." At that point, ISPs can make their own decision about what step to take next, including disconnection.  - "Six strikes" Internet warning system will come to US this year
  • The appeals court declined to do so, ruling that the FCC had wide discretion in its legal interpretation of CALEA and the Communications Act of 1934, its founding legislation.  - The rise of the new Crypto War
  • "[S]ince the Supreme Court has ruled that police have broad authority to arrest people for even trivial infractions, such as failure to wear a seat belt, the current rule gives law enforcement officers broad discretion to transform a routine traffic stop into a highly intrusive excavation of your digital life," Ars observed at the time.  - Warrantless cell phone search gets a green light in California
  • Judges once had wide discretion in weighing the facts and circumstances of each case prior to sentencing.  - How the Drug War Disappeared the Jury Trial
  • It was an important proximate cause of the explosion in the prison population. Another important factor was how, beginning in the 1970s, police, prosecutors, judges, and parole boards read the political tea leaves and started to exert their enormous discretion in a more punitive way.  - It’s Not Just the Drug War (2015)
  • Nothing in the game prescribes a particular layout for the dungeons; they're left entirely to the taste and discretion of the player.  - Microsoft keeps it old-school with a pricey text adventure game
  • Whether an event is open to guests is at the discretion of the faculty and will be announced ahead of time.  - Hacker School User's Manual
  • People should have room to learn." Obviously this goes beyond what initial reports and the statement from the school led us to believe. Update 4: Alyssa Rosenberg is worth reading on the issue of school policy here: But more to the point, it’s worrisome that a teacher could be suspended for exercising discretion in trying to enrich his class.  - Teacher Suspended For Reading 'Ender's Game' To Middle School Students
  • to overhaul its disciplinary policies and de-emphasize punishment.Some states, prodded by parents and student groups, are similarly moving to change the laws; in 2009, Florida amended its laws to allow school administrators greater discretion in disciplining students. Advertisement Continue reading the main story “A knee-jerk reaction for minor offenses, suspending and expelling students, this is not the business we should be in,” said Robert W.  - Seeing the Toll, Schools Revise Zero Tolerance
  • Viewer discretion is advised. So far this year, at least eight New England private schools have launched or disclosed sexual misconduct investigations.  - Private schools, painful secrets

Meaning of "discretion" in English

  • the trait of judging wisely and objectively
  • the power of making free choices unconstrained by external agencies
  • knowing how to avoid embarrassment or distress
  • refined taste; tact
  • freedom to act or judge on one's own

Meaning of "discretion" in Hindi

  • विचार ( Vichar, vichaar, wichar)
  • बुद्धि ( Buddhi)
  • समझ ( Samajh, samazh)
  • विवेक ( Vivek, wiwek)
  • स्वातन्त्र्य ( Svatantry, svaatantry, swatantry)
  • कार्य स्वाधीनता ( Kary svadhinata, kaary svaadheenataa, kary swadhinata)
  • अधिकार ( Adhikar, adhikaar)
  • ईमानदारी ( Imanadari, eemanadaaree)
  • सावधानी ( Savadhani, saavadhanee, sawadhani)
  • समझदारी ( Samajhadari, samajhadaaree, samazhadari)
  • स्वेच्छा ( Svechchha, svechchhaa, swechchha)
  • स्वविवेक ( Svavivek, swawiwek)
  • विवेकाधिकारी ( Vivekadhikari, vivekaadhikaaree, wiwekadhikari)
  • विचारशीलता ( Vicharashilata, vichaarasheelataa, wicharashilata)

Synonyms of "discretion"

  • circumspection
  • discreetness
  • free will
  • prudence
  • discernment
  • delicacy

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