How to use "disparage" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "disparage" in popular movie and book plots

  • He tries to disparage Potapov as a "troublemaker" and attempts to cover up the scandal.  - Bonus (film)
  • In Act II, after undertaking some devotional rituals in honor of San Diego, she returns home early to hear Don Mendo disparage her in front of Don Juan, who defends her.  - The Walls Have Ears
  • People won't dare to disparage the wife of the rich and powerful Jonas Cord; do that and he'll destroy them.  - The Carpetbaggers (film)
  • At first, the animals use the ability to disparage each other and to establish superiority over each other, especially over the two hogs who are not allowed into the stable.  - The Night the Animals Talked
  • In the meeting Deputy Commissioner Rawls continues to disparage Taylor.  - Dead Soldiers
  • As tensions mount over who is the legitimate heir, Rensley, overhearing Prudence disparage his manners, challenges her to a duel.  - The Masqueraders
  • Before the next Saturday game, the players watch some NHL hockey on TV, and it emerges that the Rangers players are not keen to play the match, which they disparage as a joke.  - Mystery, Alaska
  • Arlene (Katherine Heigl) and his teacher ms Stern (Aimee Graham) disparage Matthew, asserting that women are more dominant than men are.  - 100 Girls
  • Maab begins to disparage the Klingon, who showed fear, and to respect Kirk, who did not.  - Friday's Child (Star Trek: The Original Series)

Example sentences for "disparage" in interesting articles

  • Out of respect for other people’s ears they more often keep silent than talk.They do not disparage themselves to rouse compassion.  - Chekhov: “Cultured people must, in my opinion, satisfy the following conditions”
  • They are sparsely populated and inhabited by ethnic groups that do not much like abortion and whose family systems do not disparage the value of daughters so much.  - Gendercide: The worldwide war on baby girls
  • Imdoing my english paper on thistopic and this really helps me a whole lot so thanks =) Andrew • November 15, 2007 6:44 AM How did it come to pass that the Constitution is considered an absolute list of all 'rights' mankind has? "The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." People have lost the idea that we have rights *beyond* what the government is willing to grant us... Anonymous • December 4, 2007 7:15 PM Human nature has not changed and will not change.  - Schneier: The Value of Privacy
  • Wealth statistics do a better job capturing just how much trouble Americans have building up real assets and savings (and the answer is: a lot of trouble), but don’t capture at a week-to-week, month-to-month level how hard it can be to cover one’s bills.Why can’t people live below their means, save up some money, and kick up their feet?In the absence of a good understanding of what is going on, people frequently disparage those who are suffering.  - The pressure that U.S. inequality exerts on parents
  • To allow retroactive legislation is to disparage the principle of constitutional limitation.  - Nuremberg: A Fair Trial? A Dangerous Precedent (1946)
  • “But honor cultures value unilateral aggression and disparage appeals for help.  - The Rise of Victimhood Culture
  • A good SJW like you using a dismissive epithet to disparage someone with Asperger’s? (I can’t think of anything else “sperg” would expand to.) I thought that was precisely the kind of thing SJWs crusaded against. And forcing people to guess about whether someone would be receptive to an advance is how we got ourselves into this situation.  - ESR: FEMALE ADVOCACY ARE TRYING TO FRAME LINUS TORVALDS FOR SEXUAL ASSAULT

Meaning of "disparage" in English

  • express a negative opinion of

Meaning of "disparage" in Hindi

  • बुराई करना ( Burai karana, buraaee karanaa)
  • तुच्छ समझना ( Tuchchh samajhana, tuchchh samajhanaa, tuchchh samazhana)
  • निन्दा करना ( Ninda karana, nindaa karanaa)
  • हलका करना ( Halaka karana, halakaa karanaa)
  • उपेक्षा करना ( Upeksha karana, upekshaa karanaa)
  • ह‌ंसी उडा़ना ( Hansi udana, hansee udanaa)

Synonyms of "disparage"

  • belittle
  • pick at

Antonyms of "disparage"

  • flatter
  • blandish

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