How to use "disseminate" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "disseminate" in popular movie and book plots

  • ' The author Sarnath Banerjee is assigned by the committee to disseminate information about the findings.  - The Harappa Files
  • Once again, he encounters resistance, particularly from John Delane (Montagu Love), influential editor of The Times, but overcomes it by persuading Louis Napoleon III (Walter Kingsford) to allow him to disseminate the text of an extremely important speech at the same time as it is being presented.  - A Dispatch from Reuter's
  • "You've helped to disseminate / Marxism's teachings and the / ABC of Communism," they assure the four agitators.  - The Decision (play)
  • It then proceeds to freely disseminate all of those results to everyone on demand (and simultaneously disabling all of the content-filtering protocols).  - A Logic Named Joe
  • The philosophers intend to found on Mnaenn a philosophical republic and translate and disseminate the data from the card archive of the Great Fetish for the benefit of all humanity, eventually hoping to build spaceships to travel back to Earth.  - The Great Fetish
  • Knight is seemingly killed in the ensuing struggle with his brother, but reappears the next day at a press conference, where he is stunned to find that the late journalist had managed to disseminate a secret tape to the news media, exposing the Clonus project.  - Parts: The Clonus Horror
  • They then disseminate false evidence to implicate Dean of working with the mob family of Paulie Pintero and having an affair with ex-girlfriend Rachel Banks.  - Enemy of the State (film)
  • When Section 9 discovers that these companies and several Japanese politicians later used the Laughing Man's image to garner public support and profit, they begin a campaign to disseminate the truth, ultimately leading to the Cabinet labeling them as domestic terrorists and forcibly disbanding them, resulting in the capture of several members and the apparent death of Motoko Kusanagi.  - Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Example sentences for "disseminate" in interesting articles

Meaning of "disseminate" in English

  • cause to become widely known
    - circulate a rumor
    - broadcast the news

Meaning of "disseminate" in Hindi

  • फैलाना ( Phailana, phailanaa, failana)
  • छितराना ( Chhitarana, chhitaranaa)
  • बोना ( Bona, bonaa)
  • प्रचार करना ( Prachar karana, prachaar karanaa)

Synonyms of "disseminate"

  • pass around
  • circularize
  • circularise
  • circulate
  • spread
  • broadcast
  • diffuse
  • disperse
  • propagate
  • distribute

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