How to use "dissident" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "dissident" in popular movie and book plots

  • Dimitri explains that the same thing happened to Popovitch when he discovered the supposedly dissident behavior of the cosmonauts at Galatika.  - Russians on the Moon!
  • When the filmmakers inquire further, they discover a dissident group that wishes to leave, alleging abuse and brainwashing.  - The Sacrament (2013 film)
  • Vasili is in charge of Brodsky's interrogation and execution, and one of the names he gives to their superior, Major Kuzmin (Vincent Cassel), is that of Raisa, a primary school teacher several of whose colleagues have recently been arrested for dissident views.  - Child 44 (film)
  • Munnudi is the story of a mother of a teenaged girl who lived in a small village on the coast of Arabian Sea, who raised the first dissident cry against the barbarian act of man, the act that every folk was made to believe, that cherished the sanctity of the Holy Book.  - Munnudi
  • T'Challa explains that the Desturi are a dissident group who is well-connected in the Wakandan government.  - Doomwar
  • The CCPC's keep the worried crowd under control, Drake informs them of a dissident attack.  - The Bounty Hunter (K-9)
  • Elsewhere, Starkey, a teenage boy, is near an outdoor public display board terminal and is hacking in to post a dissident message against the government.  - Regeneration (K-9)
  • At Shenzhen Railway Station, Lu is recognized as one of the strikers by Jiandi, a girl who broadcasts a dissident radio show online with a huge following of millions of Chinese factory girls.  - For the Win
  • A group of dissident writers and filmmakers from Canada and the United States settle in England to escape the McCarthy era witch hunt.  - A Choice of Enemies
  • One of the two dissident Time Lords, described as "The Woman" in the credits, visits Wilfred on several occasions, appearing and disappearing in unexplained ways.  - The End of Time (Doctor Who)
  • Unknown to him, a dissident publican he is expected to lean on is his old ‘uncle’ Dickie.  - Skagboys
  • Carla sees flashes of another girl in the wardrobe mirror, starts tapping the wall behind it and gets taps back, and tearing away at the wallpaper, she opens the wall to find a disused cold room, for the hotel was once a butcher's shop and home, and a Jewish dissident named Erich (Anthony Higgins) hiding inside.  - The Cold Room
  • She is used by the Stasi, who want her to help them locate her dissident brother.  - Beyond the Curtain
  • Leopold Nettles, a dissident political writer and philosopher, lives under constant state surveillance and fears being sent to prison at any moment.  - Largo desolato
  • He is persuaded out of retirement by the death of Jorge Hidalgo, a friend and dissident journalist.  - The Evil That Men Do (film)
  • Gibbon, with the help of a cadre of dissident heroes, finds the real Captain America, still frozen in ice, and thaws him to lead the last free heroes against their vampiric foe.  - Marvel Apes
  • In a town highly suspicious of the government and of outsiders in general, the arrival of a charismatic figure from the desert—Oyster—occasions an intensification of the town's insularity and repression of dissident voices.  - Oyster (novel)
  • Six months later, now a frustrated semi-alcoholic, Crawford learns of a counter-coup in Africa by a dissident army cabal led by his old arch-enemy Abd-el-Kader.  - Black Sheep Astray
  • Paul levels Shaddam's fortress, which he hopes will send a message to the other dissident Houses.  - Paul of Dune
  • After uncovering the truth about Ribbons' true intentions, Celestial Being joins forces with dissident members of the A-Laws to stop their oppression and bring the fight to the Innovates.  - Mobile Suit Gundam 00
  • The ship carrying a dissident faction was attacked and crashed across the Long Ocean which encircles the planet.  - Maske: Thaery
  • After witnessing the "disappearance" of dissident friends, a human rights lawyer (Ricardo Darín) and his research scientist wife (Cecilia Roth) flee the city and hide from the military police in a vacant summer house.  - Kamchatka (film)
  • While the crew works on the Varro ship, Voyager is infested with synthetic ship-eating parasites that had been released on the Varro ship by dissident Varro.  - The Disease
  • Finding the USSR quite different from his preconceptions, Hussey has various sexual adventures — with both men and women — and seeks to secure the freedom of a descendant of a dissident composer.  - Honey for the Bears
  • With the aid of a German nuclear physicist, dissident Russian General Konstantin Benin (Christopher Lee), a military casualty of the Soviet collapse, is conspiring to restore the Soviet Union to superpower status.  - Death Train
  • After a stirring speech, the assembly dissolves into chaos as several dissident gangs begin fighting.  - The Warriors (Yurick novel)
  • Realising the threat Hugo represents, Mordrin has him arrested, but he escapes to London as dissident Knights flock to join him.  - Knights of God
  • The Soviets have devised a plan that calls for the President to undergo a top-secret Soviet mind control procedure, termed "mind intervention", which uses a combination of an implanted microchip and injected memories from a brainwashed Soviet dissident to allow the Soviet government to control the President's thoughts without his knowledge.  - Deep Six (novel)
  • Hubert's mother carries on an illicit affair with the family chaplain, and his brother, Anthony, is a liberal dissident from repressive church policies.  - The Alteration
  • This group, led by former missile tech Horus, was a dissident splinter faction of Anu's, which turned against him after the mutiny.  - Mutineers' Moon
  • When Capella contacts old acquaintances for assistance, it attracts the unwanted attention of a dissident faction within the outlawed Mazianni Fleet.  - Tripoint (novel)
  • Some Colonists become dissatisfied with the system and form a dissident group called the "Sons of Earth".  - A Gift from Earth
  • Because there is no organised dissident faction in Zangaro, the attacking force will have to be assembled outside the country and land near Clarence to launch the attack.  - The Dogs of War (novel)
  • A group of veteran British sergeants, headed by an ultra-correct, order-barking Regimental Sergeant Major (Richard Attenborough), are caught between two dissident factions in an unnamed newly created African state (most likely Kenya, since the character of RSM Lauderdale mentions that the Turkana people live in the north, which is where they live in Kenya.  - Guns at Batasi
  • Things come to a head after Morgan (Tom Savini), leader of the dissident faction who believes he should be king, wins the day's tournament and a melee breaks out between the troupe and rowdy members of the crowd.  - Knightriders
  • The situation finally gets so desperate that people throw themselves in the arms of the "liberator", a dissident writer and acquaintance of Kartsev, the Slavophile Sim Karnavalov (an apparent mockery of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn), who enters Moscow on a white horse and proclaims himself Tsar Serafim the First.  - Moscow 2042
  • Eventually, Ghemor offers to help her escape the harsher interrogation she will certainly suffer at the hands of the Order, revealing himself as a member of Cardassia's underground dissident movement.  - Second Skin (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)
  • Jewish dissident scientists, forced to work on the project, help Gant penetrate the base, then start a fire to destroy the second prototype and also to distract security troops while Gant steals one of the planes.  - Firefox (novel)
  • Karnas warns that a dissident terrorist group has taken a Federation Ambassador and his staff hostage, and demand to speak to a negotiator.  - Too Short a Season
  • To prevent any instance of nuclear terrorism, Rainbow mobilizes against both parties, raiding the nuclear weapons production facility and intercepting two separate meetings between the mob and potential buyers with the aid of a dissident group of the Russian mob.  - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear
  • Cecilia, a dissident journalist living in Buenos Aires, is kidnapped by the secret police to join the ranks of the disappeared.  - Imagining Argentina (film)
  • In the late 1980s, a group of dissident officials in the Soviet Union have grown afraid of losing power as relations improve with the United States.  - By Dawn's Early Light
  • The dissident scientists working on the Firefox help Gant infiltrate the base.  - Firefox (film)
  • During the mission, the shuttle is attacked by a dissident faction and Odan is mortally injured.  - The Host (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • Gareth Thomas played the eponymous character Roj Blake, a political dissident who is arrested, tried and convicted on false charges, and then deported from Earth to a prison planet.  - Blake's 7

Example sentences for "dissident" in interesting articles

  • It was based in part on the work of a dissident Soviet educational philosopher named Georgy Shchedrovitsky, who argued that there were three ways of thinking: abstract, verbal and representational.  - My Familys Experiment in Extreme Schooling
  • Those student rebels are tomorrows entrepreneurs. Anon • #98 • 11:38 AM Sunday, Mar 14, 2010 • Reply Did moderator man make dissident Ken go away? Dude, an echo chamber full of people in agreement is a lot less interesting. I was frustrated at his obstinacy, but nevertheless as a security pro his opinion carries more weight than ours.  - Seen Not Heard: How Obscure Security Makes Schools Suck
  • More recently, Cuban dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez, who Foreign Policy dubs one the “10 Most Influential Latin American Intellectuals” and Time says is “One of the 100 Most Influential People in the World,” has also fallen under fake follower suspicion.  - How to become Internet famous for $68
  • On the other are the distributed and nimble: grassroots movements, dissident groups, hackers, and criminals.  - The Battle for Power on the Internet
  • On one side are the nimble, unorganized, distributed powers such as dissident groups, criminals, and hackers.  - Power in the Age of the Feudal Internet
  • “Their tasks are totally mechanical.” Not all paid comments are copy-and-paste jobs, however. In 2012, Chinese artist and dissident Ai Weiwei offered to buy an iPad for any wangpingyuan willing to answer questions about their work.  - Hacked emails reveal China’s Internet propaganda machine
  • As a dissident content provider, you might have to fight your DNS provider.  - The Internet is a public commons erected on private property
  • Illustration: Shaye Anderson \u003C\u002Fp\u003E\u003C\u002Fdiv\u003E\u003Cp\u003EFormer American diplomats, current members of Ethiopia's intelligence agency, and foreign policy experts all told me that the Ethiopian government is afraid of dissident views spreading online, and has crafted its intelligence service, telecom sector, and legal codes to stamp out digital dissent.  - The Tragedy of Ethiopia's Internet

Meaning of "dissident" in English

  • disagreeing, especially with a majority
  • characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards
  • a person who dissents from some established policy

Meaning of "dissident" in Hindi

  • भिन्नमतावलंबी
  • असहमत ( Asahamat)

Synonyms of "dissident"

  • dissenting
  • objector
  • contestant
  • heterodox
  • dissentient
  • dissenter
  • protester
  • heretical

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