How to use "distinct" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "distinct" in popular movie and book plots

  • The lower, middle, and upper floors of the building gradually stratify into distinct groups.  - High-Rise (novel)
  • The "Raffles" stories have two distinct phases.  - A. J. Raffles
  • The film is constructed from three distinct stories linked by a car accident that brings the characters briefly together.  - Amores perros
  • The Children (they are referred to with a capital C) have two distinct group minds: one for the boys and another for the girls.  - The Midwich Cuckoos
  • The City appears to be organized into distinct floors, with layers of an unknown material called "the megastructure" between them.  - Blame!
  • While studying his client, both Holmes and Watson notice his red hair, which has a distinct flame-like hue.  - The Red-Headed League
  • The movie is divided into five distinct episodes, each representing a different genre and having their own subplot.  - Kohtalon kirja
  • The novel's narrative is divided into three distinct strands.  - The Feast of the Goat
  • The story is told in five distinct chapters.  - A Clergyman's Daughter
  • The rest of the film is split into seven chapters made up of distinct sketches.  - Monty Python's The Meaning of Life
  • Thomas later manipulates Gary and convinces him to rebel against Satan, with a distinct lack of success.  - Old Harry's Game
  • These cells have been meeting at regular intervals in distinct places to pass on information about the Grail.  - Foucault's Pendulum
  • Powerful magical entities live on the night side of the planet, and for the most part the entities' magical powers emanate from distinct loci.  - Jack of Shadows
  • In Nightopia, distinct aspects of dreamers' personalities are represented by luminous coloured spheres known as "Ideya".  - Nights into Dreams
  • The plot of the novel has two distinct movements: the events at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington, and the move to Silicon Valley and the "Oop.  - Microserfs
  • Icehenge is set in three distinct time periods.  - Icehenge

Meaning of "distinct" in English

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