How to use "distinction" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "distinction" in popular movie and book plots

  • Fischer declares that she has passed the course with distinction and issues her the certificate.  - English Vinglish
  • The basketball team of Teiko Middle School rose to distinction by demolishing all competition.  - Kuroko's Basketball
  • The story's message emphasizes the distinction between the importance of pursuing one's dreams and the importance of pursuing material things.  - Verano de amor
  • Wenger suggests a uniform, to remove class distinction and further unite the group.  - The Wave (2008 film)
  • The KGB, dressed in sharp suits, look more like the Gestapo than German soldiers, and the film makes no distinction between Jews and Gentiles.  - The Fifth Horseman Is Fear
  • People who achieve this distinction are accorded the honorific "The" in front of their name.  - To Live Forever (novel)
  • An interesting distinction of this novel is in the religion of the crew: they are Moslems.  - The Night of Kadar
  • Roslin refuses his resignation; in fact, she was just about to award him a medal of distinction for his 45 years of military service.  - Hero (Battlestar Galactica)
  • He has the distinction of being the worst coach in the history of sports anyone can recall.  - The Comebacks
  • David ponders the distinction between love and lust.  - The Rise of David Levinsky
  • These are newly raised soldiers who won distinction in the push east and the conflicts with the plains people.  - Forest Mage
  • This causes Wolfe to erase the artificial distinction between solving the murders and finding the thief.  - Before Midnight (novel)
  • It may be the one distinction of my entire life, that I knew you.  - The Long Morrow
  • Deep Space Nine has the distinction of making first contact with a Gamma Quadrant species known as the Wadi.  - Move Along Home
  • After a time The Monolith begins to hunt down and kill all criminals with no distinction made for the degree of their crime.  - Monolith (comics)
  • Keen to make a distinction from the last pilot, producers gave the pilot the rather paradoxical title The New Original Wonder Woman.  - Wonder Woman (TV series)

Meaning of "distinction" in English

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Meaning of "distinction" in Hindi

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