How to use "doctrine" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "doctrine" in popular movie and book plots

  • At a tribunal, he is told Catholic doctrine is anathema to Japan.  - Silence (2016 film)
  • Monophysitism disputed orthodox doctrine in the eastern empire and Arianism was the faith of the Barbarians who held the west.  - Antonina: A Byzantine Slut
  • In response, the pirates adhere to a doctrine of their own.  - Black Sails (TV series)
  • Also vital to this theme is the new doctrine for legislating laid out in the first season episode "Let Bartlet Be Bartlet".  - The West Wing (season 2)
  • Inspired by the sharia law of Islam, it would become the doctrine of the Taliban to completely isolate women from society.  - The Dressmaker of Khair Khana
  • It is in large part a heroic adventure narrative, though discussion of Jain doctrine is woven into the book.  - Varangacharita
  • Now, John Crocker realizes that the girls where in on a plot to humiliate the Celebrity for going against his own doctrine from his stories.  - The Celebrity
  • Almost insane with grief, the husband reproaches the clergyman for having preached a doctrine of a God who inflicts His children with sorrow.  - The Turn in the Road
  • Emboldened by the Socialist doctrine Saul has taught him, David stands up for Rachel and is beaten by Rosen's thugs.  - Rags (musical)
  • Akhnaton is in any case ready to forgive Sinuhe, according to his religion's doctrine of mercy and pacifism.  - The Egyptian (film)
  • At Union Square, Kruger, an agitator, is proclaiming his doctrine "Down with Everything That's Up".  - Let 'Em Eat Cake
  • He joins the Temple of Robotology, accepting the doctrine of eternal damnation in Robot Hell should he sin.  - Hell Is Other Robots
  • The author turns out to support a variation of the doctrine of the Demiurge, somewhat similar to that propounded by some Gnostics.  - A Voyage to Arcturus
  • Malcolm X preaches a doctrine of separation from white society.  - Malcolm X (1992 film)
  • Adam believes the only way to cure Tender is for Tender to have sex - to reject the Church doctrine at its core.  - Survivor (Palahniuk novel)
  • The practice appears to be based on custom, because no one clearly remembers any doctrine associated with the practice.  - The Big O

Meaning of "doctrine" in English

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