How to use "dupe" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "dupe" in popular movie and book plots

  • With time running out, Verhoeven realizes that all along he's been the unwitting dupe in The Novelist's plans to create an original work of his own.  - Irene (Verhœven series)
  • The plan works and successfully dupe Pasha Bi and eat the entire Biryani meant to be delivered to the Nawaab.  - Biryani Aur Haleem
  • As described in a film magazine, Jack (Pickford), an East Side New York lightweight fighter, becomes the dupe in a frame-up fight in which he knocks out a champion and is led to believe that he killed the man.  - Jack and Jill (1917 film)
  • In the past, he received a monumental correction administered by Marudhu, to have tried to dupe his older brother.  - Thaikku Thalaimagan
  • He even creates a dupe of Jothika and erases Jothika and Sarvesh's memories.  - Vamsam (TV series)
  • Spinoza, in the employ of Krampf, stashed it there after stealing it from Strago, the original thief; Krampf planned to dupe Mortdecai into smuggling the Goya into the United States in his own car.  - Mortdecai (film)
  • The fake spouses befriend and dupe the night club owner and find evidence leading to the top of the smuggler ring.  - River Patrol (film)
  • Bommana Brothers change their attires and dupe both Mani and Siri and win their hearts.  - Bommana Brothers Chandana Sisters
  • But Chandler is in fact working for a corrupt government agent, Ross Carmady, who is using him as a dupe so that Carmady can murder Melchior and put his own double agent at the top of the racket.  - Chandler (film)
  • When he is apprised of the situation, a betrayed-feeling Saul can't understand why Aileen would dupe them.  - The Clearing (Homeland)
  • Thereupon Montgomery entered into communication with the Jacobite agent, Neville Payne, and they concerted together a plot for the restoration of King James, known as the Montgomery Plot, each being, according to Balcarres, more or less the dupe of the other.  - Sir James Montgomery, 4th Baronet
  • However, when Von Straub's sister asks Droste to transport a small package to a friend in West Germany, the bewildered Droste is set up for a series of complicated spy games, at first becoming an unwilling dupe for the Russians, and then retaliating by offering his services to a US intelligence agency.  - The Devil's Agent
  • But after many failed attempts, he becomes a stuntman who becomes the dupe for big stars.  - Phantom (2002 film)
  • Unfortunately, one day an evil woman named Raveena decides to dupe Shailendra into her charms and turn him against Aradhna to gain his full trust to gain his property and business.  - Jaane Kya Baat Hui
  • Olivia is told that the spy ring is going to betray Nieterstein to dupe the Americans into transmitting the message giving the rendezvous location to the troop convoy.  - Rendezvous (1935 film)
  • Pelon is executed by Padre Antonio, another dupe set up by Salazar.  - La Linea (film)
  • They later realize that the man was a dupe and that they now have absolutely no money.  - Bhale Dongalu
  • Her avaricious father Don Jerome wants to marry her to the equally avaricious and cunning Isaac Mendoza, who through his inordinate fondness for overreaching whosoever he has to do, is generally as much a fool as a knave, and is thus the dupe of his own art, as Donna Louisa tells her father.  - The Duenna
  • Madrox sends a duplicate to each timeline, and Layla Miller runs in the portal with the second dupe as Madrox falls comatose and Forge takes care of his body.  - X-Men: Messiah Complex
  • As Leamas' charade unravels and he is forced to admit he is still working as a British agent, Fiedler is escorted from the room as a complicit dupe and Mundt is vindicated.  - The Spy Who Came in from the Cold (film)
  • They successfully turn the tables on Khurana, and dupe him of Rs 35 million in cash.  - Khosla Ka Ghosla
  • The agent learns that billionaire Kuwait Prince Allabarba (Alan Tam) is due to arrive in Hong Kong and advises Tsang that they could dupe him in order to gain a billion dollar contract.  - The Banquet (1991 film)
  • The Latimore brothers dupe Norbit into getting Kate to sign papers to renew the restaurant's liquor license and put it in the Latimores' name.  - Norbit
  • A trio of scammer aliens (Nudar, Fleb and Schlump) dupe the crew into providing their personal information and infect Bender with an obedience virus, allowing them to seize control of Planet Express.  - Futurama: Bender's Big Score
  • There is another mischievous thief, Panasa (Bipasha Basu), who, with her uncle, follows Raju so that she can dupe him and escape with all the looted money.  - Takkari Donga
  • They confront the senators and Izuka, who reveal that Pelleas was not Ashnard's son, but an unwitting dupe used to place Daein further under Begnion's thumb.  - Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
  • Howett and Angel hatch a plot, making it look like the ship has been boarded by the enemy during a night raid and using Poop-Decker as an expendable dupe to get the Captain leave the ship on his own volition.  - Carry On Jack
  • It turns that Danielle is actually working alongside Kathryn in a secret plan to dupe Sebastian.  - Cruel Intentions 2
  • Jimmy has already captured The Detainer, and he tries to convince her to be his partner; she agrees, but only to dupe him into swallowing one of his "atomic time pills", turning him into a "walking atomic bomb".  - Casino Royale (1967 film)
  • He claimed the companion had been locked in her room from which he freed her, whereas in reality she had been free to impersonate her employer and dupe Louise into being a witness to the "crime".  - The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding
  • Attaching the tinsel hidden in the tree in the Mud Forum to the zorkmid hidden in the trunk backstage allows the player to dupe the Implementers (named after the creators of the game) in the Museum of Illusion into revealing several hints.  - Zork: The Undiscovered Underground
  • Attempting to dupe the hero, he will pretend to have no recollection of the battle, but Vincent will arrive and douse the boy with holy water.  - Castlevania (Nintendo 64)
  • The film focuses on the conflict between Maximilian I (Brian Aherne), a European political dupe who is installed as the puppet ruler of Mexico by the French Napoleon III (Claude Rains), and Benito Juárez (Paul Muni), the country's president.  - Juarez (film)
  • In time, Jack and political strategist Sadie Burke reveal to Stark that he is a dupe in the governor's race, expected to split the vote, spout the party line and lose.  - All the King's Men (2006 film)
  • He is a dupe of unknown forces, and is actually carrying a bomb into the UK factory, but he realizes just in time and manages to minimize the damage done when he blows up.  - Kiln People
  • Roy, who insists on working only short-term cons, resists the proposition, fearing she may try to dupe him herself.  - The Grifters (film)
  • Lynx switched bodies with Serge to dupe the biological check of Chronopolis on the Frozen Flame.  - Chrono Cross

Example sentences for "dupe" in interesting articles

  • However, we’ve been encouraged by people close to us to make this public so that his name is out there and hopefully he cannot dupe anyone else.  - Losing our business – we didn’t see it coming
  • This is one trick TV psychics use to dupe their audiences. You might as well look at the recent pace of technological progress and blame Syndrome from The Incredibles. Doctorow: The coming war on general-purpose computation Posted Jan 1, 2012 17:09 UTC (Sun) by drag (subscriber, #31333) [Link] >Wow, that sounds like a lot of mustache twirling. Maybe.  - Doctorow: The coming war on general-purpose computation
  • A translation needed? For a book that is itself a translation from the murderous tyrant King James most likely? Laughable. I have an affinity for divinity; but a gullible dupe I am not! How ’bout we develop our personal discernment and direct connection to the good side of the force and some common sense.  - The War on Cash
  • “And if I was caught by a teacher, I’d be kicked out of school.”The trademark of these IDs — and what managed to dupe hundreds of unsuspecting bouncers throughout New England — was a signature from the director of the New Hampshire DMV running vertically up the edge of the photo.  - Fake IDs in the age of the internet
  • Because affiliates put up their own money to pay for ads pushing these products, they have a strong incentive to dupe consumers, so they can recoup their investment.  - Jesse Willms, the Dark Lord of the Internet
  • Because affiliates put up their own money to pay for ads pushing these products, they have a strong incentive to dupe consumers, so they can recoup their investment.  - Jesse Willms, the Dark Lord of the Internet
  • Because affiliates put up their own money to pay for ads pushing these products, they have a strong incentive to dupe consumers, so they can recoup their investment.  - Jesse Willms, the Dark Lord of the Internet (2014)
  • He was a swine of a man and a jabbering dupe of a president.  - He was a crook (1994)

Meaning of "dupe" in English

  • a person who is tricked or swindled
  • fool or hoax
    - You can't fool me!

Meaning of "dupe" in Hindi

  • भोला ( Bhola, bholaa)
  • सीधा ( Sidha, seedhaa)
  • ठगना ( Thagana, thaganaa)
  • धोखा देना ( Dhokha dena, dhokhaa denaa)

Synonyms of "dupe"

  • slang
  • cod
  • gull
  • befool
  • put one across
  • put one over
  • victim
  • take in
  • fool
  • put on

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