How to use "dwell" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "dwell" in popular movie and book plots

  • Stransom starts to dwell on the many friends and acquaintances he is now losing to death.  - The Altar of the Dead
  • The forest is unnaturally quiet, but the wolves that dwell in the forest seem unnaturally active.  - Trollslayer
  • They dwell in the shadows of the Earth, called Volva by the inhabitants of Levania.  - Somnium (novel)
  • The women, seeing the handsome prince, begin questioning their life among the brutes that dwell in the village.  - The Wild Women of Wongo
  • He sends his Purifier troops into Subterranea to sterilize the simple-minded races that dwell there.  - The Evolutionary War
  • Realizing that he is Dear Johnny's father, she comforts him, while he advises her not to dwell on things.  - Now and Then (film)
  • The outcasts dwell in a system of caves which have been blocked in — the only exit is out of their reach due to their deformities.  - El Topo
  • Honor struggles with the survivor's guilt her many battles have left her with, but soon finds that she cannot afford to dwell on her emotions.  - Flag in Exile
  • Their religion posits the existence of a superior being but does not dwell on his nature.  - Vril
  • Most of the characters dwell in an apartment block, a sign in front of which advertises "Singles" (single bedroom apartments) for rent.  - Singles (1992 film)
  • Governors, treasurers, and great thinkers dwell here in great ivory towers, away from the hubbub of everyday life.  - Phantasy Star II
  • As Cristina begins to dwell more on her changed life and the death of her girls, she becomes obsessed with exacting revenge on Jack.  - 21 Grams
  • the fire gave birth to the djinn, creatures condemned to dwell in the void between the worlds".  - Wishmaster (film)
  • Her thoughts often dwell on her mother, whom she has not seen since pre-school.  - Angelic Layer
  • As they dwell on the madness of war, they have to put on their gas masks, as poison gas drifts in their direction.  - Things to Come
  • Denham also cryptically alludes to some monstrous creature rumored to dwell on the island, a legendary entity known only as "Kong".  - King Kong (1933 film)

Meaning of "dwell" in English

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