How to use "earthquake" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "earthquake" in popular movie and book plots

  • Chapter 12 A powerful earthquake strikes the capital.  - The Tale of the Heike
  • A fictional earthquake strikes the city of Los Angeles.  - Volcano (1997 film)
  • Early one morning, an earthquake jolts the Los Angeles metro area.  - Earthquake (film)
  • At that moment, a large earthquake occurs.  - The Long Love Letter
  • On Santorini island, Greece, a strong earthquake uncovers the Luna Temple.  - Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
  • Dorothy, Eureka (her cat) and Zeb are riding a buggy being pulled by a cab-horse named Jim when a violent earthquake strikes.  - Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz
  • Suddenly an earthquake hits; as the others run for safety, the ground opens up under Calvin's shoes and he falls through the chasm.  - A Kid in King Arthur's Court
  • A single drop of the man's blood falls from Loki's dagger, triggering an earthquake that causes the island to begin sinking.  - Erik the Viking
  • An earthquake (induced by the voice of the creator) causes the brewery to collapse, trapping them inside the Luggage.  - The Last Continent
  • After trying out diversions such as an earthquake or electrical storm, Beechcroft goes home for the night.  - The Mind and the Matter
  • The night before Teal is to show Bailey and his wife, Matilda, around the house, an earthquake occurs.  - "—And He Built a Crooked House—"
  • At that moment, a violent earthquake strikes, demolishing the house and causing Julie to lose the baby.  - Penny Serenade
  • Dionysus, being a god and powerful, breaks free and creates more havoc, razing the palace with an earthquake and fire.  - The Bacchae
  • April 18, 1906, the earthquake hits the city.  - San Francisco (1936 film)
  • The new planet appears and triggers an earthquake that buries their cars in a landslide.  - The Wanderer (Leiber novel)
  • The background to the story includes a massive earthquake laying waste to the San Francisco Bay Area in California.  - The Shockwave Rider

Meaning of "earthquake" in English

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