How to use "ebullient" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "ebullient" in popular movie and book plots

  • Gandam is quite ebullient person and likes the creative approach in these three boys.  - Rendella Tharuvatha
  • The ebullient Barbara informs Martin she has been in an asylum before.  - Asylum (1972 horror film)
  • The plot contains the ebullient presence of an Indian businessman, a journalist from Calcutta and an American engineer.  - The Alien (1960s film)
  • In Caesar's camp, Cicero and Brutus are welcomed back with open arms by an ebullient Caesar.  - Pharsalus (Rome)
  • Angel and Spike go the Rome Wolfram & Hart offices, where they are greeted by the CEO, an ebullient Italian woman.  - The Girl in Question
  • He was ebullient over [[James I of England|King James's]] succession to the English throne, and hoped there would be no foreign interference.  - Henry Garnet

Meaning of "ebullient" in English

  • joyously unrestrained

Meaning of "ebullient" in Hindi

  • उत्तेजित ( Uttejit, uttezit)
  • प्रफुल्लित ( Praphullit, prafullit)
  • प्रफुल्लित
  • उद्विग्न ( Udvign, udwign)
  • उल्लासित ( Ullasit, ullaasit)
  • खौलता हुआ ( Khaulata hu, khaulataa huaa)
  • उबलता हुआ ( Ubalata hu, ubalataa huaa)
  • परिपूर्ण शक्ति व उत्तेजित ( Paripurn shakti v uttejit, paripoorn shakti va uttejit, paripurn shakti w uttezit)

Synonyms of "ebullient"

  • exuberant
  • high spirited

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