How to use "eclectic" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "eclectic" in popular movie and book plots

  • Between matchmaking attempts on the bridal train, a wedding planner on a mission to succeed, the unruly behaviour of some ‘village’ guests much to Tinuade’s horror, Dunni's uncertainty about her new husband's faithfulness during the time of their courtship, amidst colourful aso-ebi, eclectic music, small chops, and souvenir drama, we begin to wonder whether Dunni and Dozie will get through their wedding reception unscathed.  - The Wedding Party (Nigerian film)
  • The series draws inspiration from an eclectic mix of films, television shows, and literature, including The Hardy Boys, Dead Poets Society, The Maltese Falcon, Hey Arnold.  - The Cobblestone Corridor
  • Tracy continues to spend time with Brooke, who reveals her plans for a small and eclectic restaurant called "Mom's" after her dead mother, which is being financed by her partner.  - Mistress America
  • With a couple days left before his going away party and tension mounting, Matt visits his eclectic mix of friends and people who have affected him over the years.  - Goodbye Promise
  • The first volume, 'In Shadows', divides attention between a Greek woman involved reluctantly with a group of neo-fascists, an African leader hoping to use the Trees as a source of military leverage over neighboring nations, and a young Chinese artist from rural farmland joining an eclectic urban art collective.  - Trees (comics)
  • Seemingly mismatched, these eclectic individual's paths intertwine, inexplicably affecting one another and in turn, the pulse of today's Taipei.  - Westgate Tango
  • Thérèse spends her days confined behind the counter of a small shop and her evenings watching Madame play dominoes with an eclectic group.  - In Secret
  • Duke's past includes an eclectic list of job titles, but Michael admits he knows nothing beyond the titles.  - A Smuggler's Bible
  • With the help from one or more of the eclectic Tickety Town residents, the twins develop ways of overcoming the emotional or physical jeopardy that has been caused.  - Tickety Toc
  • They meet several eclectic people, including a reporter named Dub Clemens who is determined to find a killer before he dies of lung cancer, and his tattooed assistant Yuki.  - Mr. Monk on the Road
  • With the help of his mother's eclectic friends, Gerald is coping, until the day the valuable doll is stolen.  - Gerald (film)
  • The ensuing night brings forth an eclectic mix of characters from druggies, dealers and hookers to a bizarre hustler gang and an Internet webcam hostess.  - Pendulum Drift (film)
  • Vienna is an eclectic blend of faux-documentary and comical skits.  - Vienna (film)
  • The eclectic trio embark on a hedonistic tour through Paris and the surrounding countryside, amidst the frivolities,and problems such as the immigration authorities and the police presence.  - Origine contrôlée
  • At a graduation party in Los Angeles, an eclectic group of brainy philosophy students, train-hopping hippies, aspiring prophets, and drug-addled hipsters come together for one last wild night.  - The Last Hurrah (2009 film)
  • Cynthia finds lodgings at Catherine Dennison's (Elizabeth Patterson) boarding house, where she meets an eclectic group of tenants, including poet Leander Woolsey (Allyn Joslyn), artist Michael Michael (Arthur Shields), and musician Herbert Jothan (Charles Kemper).  - The Shocking Miss Pilgrim
  • The eclectic riffraff of passengers includes Lazarus (Salvator Xuereb), a two-bit hustler; dr Shephard (Robin Sachs), a skilled former micro-surgeon now addicted to his own self-prescribed medications; Cade (David Stratton), an edgy young man obsessed with finding the wife who deserted him; and Sarra (Juliet Landau), a flawlessly beautiful young woman with a mysterious past.  - Ravager (film)
  • Maija and Kenny manage to record an eclectic borage of insightful, and yet sometimes absurd and irrelevant opinions.  - Hollywood Outlaw Movie
  • Cole finds herself on an American Auto Coach bus on her way to El Paso, along with an eclectic group of passengers all geared up for an uneventful ride, that is until the bus passes a group of meth-addicted, nomadic bikers who taunt the passengers by doing all kinds of motorcycle stunts all around the bus.  - Exit Speed
  • The children are particularly fascinated by Peter Quint due to his eclectic knowledge and engaging stories, and willingness to entertain them.  - The Nightcomers
  • Perry has gone on to a prize-filled career as a consummate crime writer with a score of eclectic novels, another irresistible, unique protagonist named Jane Whitefield, and the reputation as a "capo di tutti capi" of crime writers.  - The Butcher's Boy
  • Kochu Thresia (Sheela), is a rich widow living a retired life in a quaint but beautiful village filled with eclectic characters.  - Manassinakkare
  • The eclectic crew of disc jockeys and staffers, led by the brash American DJ "The Count" (Philip Seymour Hoffman), quickly accept Carl as one of their own.  - The Boat That Rocked
  • Quink has an eclectic group of coworkers and collaborators, an unlikely “universe” of colorful and diverse people full of disagreement and prejudice, that include characters named Discknickers, the “pseudo-fascist” accountant, Ratnaster, the atheist interviewer, Duxbak, Eyestones' only friend, Mutrix, the homophobe lawyer, Chasuble, the homophile movie critic, Harriet Trombone, an outspoken Caribbean islander, and the lesbian pair of Ann Marie Tubb and The Krauthammer.  - Laura Warholic
  • Impressed by his eclectic knowledge of music, Charlotte, who is a gifted singer-songwriter, asks Will to manage her rock/ska band.  - Bandslam
  • Set in a rural Russian house, the plot focuses on the romantic and artistic conflicts among an eclectic group of characters.  - The Sea Gull
  • She is only playing along at her father's request; she is put off by Madvig's crudity and becomes very attracted to the more eclectic Beaumont.  - The Glass Key (1942 film)
  • The Club is an eclectic group of people who collect frozen entrees.  - Never Been Thawed
  • The Ferals are an eclectic group of animals that live together in a backyard shed.  - The Ferals
  • An eclectic group of individuals in Los Angeles, are propelled by a series of cause-and-effect chain reactions to a common destiny.  - Bug (2002 film)
  • The film takes place mostly in a mental institution filled with an eclectic menagerie of patients.  - I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK
  • Jackie Mason-like Comedian Mickey Fox is surrounded by an eclectic cast of characters, including the dining spot's proprietor and his wife, an upscale society dame (in search of an intricately double-brewed cup of tea served in fine china on white linen) and her nearly mute husband, a British impresario, a Broadway ingenue, and a South African playwright.  - 45 Seconds from Broadway
  • There are only less than twenty "good" droids left: an eclectic assortment of actors, intellectuals, and pacifists (eg.  - Meltdown (Red Dwarf)
  • On the sea voyage to the East, the young doctor meets an eclectic crowd including the Simpson sisters, who are of unattainable social class, "both beautiful, one a gazelle".  - In Another Light
  • Welcome to wildly eclectic and diverse West Beach High, where the annual Student Body President election will pit the quirky, much-beloved incumbent Sissy Frenchfry against a handsome, charismatic – and socially intolerant – transfer student with a devious plan to restore the status quo.  - Sissy Frenchfry
  • The Nighttime Clap consisted of a series of eclectic sketches and field reports related to current trends in popular music.  - The Nighttime Clap
  • The other principals are: A shared distrust of Carlos and Segundo unites this eclectic group and prompts them to hold "co-op" meetings with one goal: eviction of Carlos and Segundo DeJesus.  - Kill the Poor (film)
  • Jerry, fascinated by an empty and failing eclectic restaurant called "The Dream Café," offers his patronage to the restaurant, and convinces its owner, Babu Bhatt (Brian George), to restyle his menu and decor.  - The Cafe (Seinfeld)
  • The story takes the form of an eclectic and quirky fairy tale with satirical elements and dealing with philosophical concerns.  - Moonshadow (comics)
  • The conclusion involves an eclectic mixture of time travel, androids, drugs, toys, and comic books.  - The Zap Gun
  • After exploring several new artifacts, rediscovering the existence of a race thought to be dead for millennia, and finding that race's home planet in the midst of an enormous artifact, the adventures of this eclectic team become even stranger.  - Convergence (novel)
  • The storytelling and visual imagery draws its influences from an eclectic mix of sources, including gangster films, science fiction, Lovecraftian creatures, and film noir.  - Nocturnals
  • The world in which Hachiko and Ryusuke find themselves is an eclectic mix of Eastern and Western cultures.  - Blade for Barter
  • The strip also contains many eclectic references to other cult television, film and literary mythologies alongside various religious traditions.  - Caballistics, Inc.
  • The plan goes smoothly – with even some of the more eclectic vehicles acquired with relative ease – but obstacles mount.  - Gone in 60 Seconds (1974 film)
  • He fills the house with his eclectic art collection (which notably consists of reprints of the paintings of Gustave Moreau).  - À rebours
  • Maria convinces her that he can be, and is, happy there on Sesame Street where that it does not make any difference that his family consists of humans, monsters, cows, Grouches (to their dismay), Honkers, and the other varieties of eclectic species there.  - Sesame Street Presents Follow That Bird
  • Martha looks on in horror as Mario transforms her kitchen of precision and logistics with his relaxed banter and eclectic jazz music.  - Mostly Martha (film)
  • Cayman possesses a powerful old ship with an eclectic crew of aliens.  - Battle Beyond the Stars
  • The store is located in a fictional city in Delaware, and, like its employees, is eclectic and unique.  - Empire Records
  • Unfortunately, he was not counting on Martin bringing along his favorite chair; a tatty, old pea green and mud-brown recliner that does not match Frasier's elegant, modern, eclectic apartment.  - The Good Son (Frasier)
  • These scenes capture an eclectic mix of characters baring their souls as they confront conflicts with powerful emotions.  - American High (TV series)
  • Chef Blackstock's traditional French cuisine with an eclectic flair is served at "Le Château Anglais," a gourmet restaurant in the English countryside that is one of the few in the United Kingdom to receive a two-star rating from Michelin.  - Chef!

Example sentences for "eclectic" in interesting articles

  • GitHub is a great place to put this portfolio on display, but just having an eclectic body of work is huge.Master at least one multi-paradigm language.  - Always Be Coding How to Land an Engineering Job
  • Dating services know what men want (who doesn’t) and seed the network with photos of Latin American models with eclectic interests (not that the latter matters).Encourage behavior you want to see on the siteReddit co-founder Steve Huffman admitted that the link-sharing site was initially seeded with fake profiles posting links to simulate activity.  - How Paypal and Reddit faked their way to traction
  • It is rare to find such an intelligent, eclectic mix of people learning from and teaching each other.  - The Hacker School Experience
  • "It’s a big eclectic mix where everyone has a spot," parent Margaret Swartzfager says of the school.  - A School District That Was Never Desegregated (2015)
  • "This is one of the most important ways of making a positive difference," he says.Chain reactionThis eclectic group of researchers talk about computers able to create more and more powerful generations of computers.  - How are humans going to become extinct?
  • “A lot of materialist scientists don’t seem to think it’s a serious field of scientific inquiry … Meanwhile, many people who’ve had near-death experiences aren’t that interested in the science.”Every Monday, Liester has breakfast with a small, eclectic group.  - The Science of Near-Death Experiences
  • I suspect that successfully living with, or recovering from, mental problems involves being somewhat eclectic about frames. I switch between frames a lot myself.  - Sane Thinking About Mental Health Problems
  • While these societies are as eclectic as orchids, they share at least one characteristic: Their rituals have served as an axis mundi, a psychic compass that simultaneously situates and provides direction to both individual and community.  - The Heretic - the U.S. government banned medical studies of the effects of LSD.
  • This book is my first recommendation for anyone interested in the mining, analysis, and visualization of data from the social web." -- Jeffrey Humphries, PhD; Computer Scientist "Mining the Social Web is a great resource on how to get the most out of the Twitter API." -- Raffi Krikorian, Platform Services group, Twitter "Matthew covers an interesting and eclectic group of data sources, analysis techniques, data management tools, and visualizations that provide a thorough survey of the latest thinking on how to gain insight from the social web.  - Mining-the-Social-Web (Python)

Meaning of "eclectic" in English

  • selecting what seems best of various styles or ideas
  • someone who selects according to the eclectic method

Meaning of "eclectic" in Hindi

  • उदार
  • चुननेवाला
  • विभिन्नदर्शनग्राही
  • सब पदार्थों का सर्वोत्तम भाग ग्रहण करनेवाला

Synonyms of "eclectic"

  • eclecticist

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