How to use "efficacy" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "efficacy" in popular movie and book plots

  • The American fighters were selected for their ability to produce profits for their politically connected manufacturers rather than their efficacy in combat, and the Chinese gain air superiority.  - Twilight's Last Gleaming (novel)
  • Unfortunately, while testing the efficacy of the contraption they have designed to entrap the duke, they manage to kill themselves.  - The Ghosts of Berkeley Square
  • He more than ever questions the values and efficacy of the Confederacy, and wishes to delay making a final report because he fears what his government's response will be.  - Charon: A Dragon at the Gate
  • Kay suspects that Sir Patrise's true killer had a more prominent target in mind, probably Sir Gawaine, and will likely try again; he is also cynical as to the efficacy of trial by combat in establishing anything other than which fighter is the better combatant.  - The Idylls of the Queen
  • In the persons of these martyrs, Shelley has striven to embody his ideas of the power and beauty of human affections, and, in their history, he has set forth a series of pictures, illustrating the efficacy of these affections in overcoming the evils of private and of public life.  - The Revolt of Islam
  • Marcantonio is so convinced of the efficacy of this idea that he goes around the city talking about it to everyone in order to get their consent, obstinately insisting that he's right with the comic intercalation "ragioniamo.  - The Turn (novel)
  • To expedite this, they are assigned the lion's share of Manticore's cutting-edge warfighting hardware, including the new "Apollo" self-guided missile system and "Keyhole" platforms that increase the efficacy of their own counter-missiles.  - At All Costs
  • This is appalling to the civilized races of the Weave, but they cannot deny the efficacy of human combat troops.  - The Damned Trilogy
  • As a second example, consider a clinical trial on the interaction between stroke severity and the efficacy of a drug on patient survival.  - Interaction (statistics)
  • Angel is skeptical about the efficacy of astrology, and believes that the unfolding existential situation of Tim and Kirsten is akin to Friedrich Schiller's German Romanticism era masterpiece, the Wallenstein trilogy (insofar as their credulity reflects the loss of rational belief in contemporary consensual reality).  - The Transmigration of Timothy Archer

Example sentences for "efficacy" in interesting articles

  • While the injected regimen’s efficacy was “relatively good” compared to other methods, the study was terminated early after a safety review.  - New male contraceptive may be submitted for Indian approval this year
  • The move comes days after the Opposition parties met the Election Commission (EC) and requested to replace EVMs with paper ballots, as people had “lost trust” in the efficacy of the machines.Following similar allegations, the EC had given an open invitation to experts to demonstrate that the EVMs could be tampered with.  - Election Commission of India throws “open challenge” to hack voting machines
  • Not necessarily redditors, but the combined force displayed all over the place, it's democracy. permalinkembedsavegive gold[–]overcastsunburn 1 point2 points3 points 5 years ago (1 child)this post has revivified my efficacy with respect to reddit/the internet's ability to affect policy...  - Reddit successfully pressures Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) to back off support of SOPA
  • It’s harder to extract data from someone who knows they’re being attacked — as interrogators and torturers well know. Moving forward, this brain hack can only improve in efficacy as BCIs become cheaper, more accurate, and thus more extensively used.  - Hackers backdoor the human brain, successfully extract sensitive data
  • When Home Depot lost 53 million credit-card numbers and 56 million associated e-mail addresses, a court awarded its customers $0.34 each, along with gift certificates for credit monitoring services guaranteed payday loans, whose efficacy is not borne out in the literature.  - The privacy wars are about to get a whole lot worse
  • It urged FERC to reject the request to require that the emergency spillway be armored, a job that would have cost tens, if not hundreds, of millions of dollars. “The emergency spillway was designed to safely convey the Probable Maximum Flood, and DWR has reviewed and confirmed the efficacy of the PMF hydrologic analysis for Oroville Reservoir,” the attorneys noted. Ultimately, they were successful.  - Oroville Dam: Feds and state officials ignored warnings 12 years ago
  • Speeding up tests gets more information about the efficacy of a new drug back to base faster.  - The 30-year-old health sector billionaire
  • It will show that you have abnormal variations in your blood counts and that something fishy has gone on."Something "fishy" could be a blood transfusion, or an injection of EPO, but just how "fishy" does it have to be? Some scientists, including Lundby, have questioned the passport's efficacy - especially when complicating factors like training at altitude are added to the mix - but also its sensitivity to micro-dosing, a little-but-often approach to doping.  - How I became a drug cheat athlete to test the system

Meaning of "efficacy" in English

  • capacity or power to produce a desired effect

Meaning of "efficacy" in Hindi

  • फलोत्पादकता ( Phalotpadakata, phalotpaadakataa, falotpadakata)
  • गुण ( Gun)
  • बल ( Bal)
  • प्रभावोत्पादकता
  • प्रभाव ( Prabhav, prabhaav, prabhaw)
  • क्षमता ( Kshamata, kshamataa)
  • प्रभावकारिता ( Prabhavakarita, prabhaavakaaritaa, prabhawakarita)

Synonyms of "efficacy"

  • efficaciousness

Antonyms of "efficacy"

  • inefficacy
  • inefficaciousness

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