How to use "elysian" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "elysian" in popular movie and book plots

  • After giving their lives in order to destroy the Wall of Grief and thus help Seiya and his friends reach the Elysian Fields to protect Athena, all twelve Gold Saints reappear in Asgard, after being mysteriously revived.  - Saint Seiya: Soul of Gold
  • It is at this point that the Elysian Pixie, Goal, is introduced, being harassed by the Organon guards on the ship.  - Deponia (video game)
  • She and her friends swim to a boat, which takes them to a floating bar, known as the Elysian Fields.  - Beasts of the Southern Wild
  • A long-running feud exists between the wealthy residents of Elysium and the citizens of Earth, who want Elysian technology to cure their medical ailments.  - Elysium (film)
  • Later, Carl says yes to a homeless man's request and is stranded in Elysian Park.  - Yes Man (film)
  • Celesta appears and tells Hercules that he must stop Jaris or the evil he does will outweigh all the good he has already done, and he will not be permitted to enter the Elysian Fields.  - Regrets... I've Had a Few
  • Captain Kirk and his crew are shocked to find "that the descendants of the crews of these various vessels are still alive" and have formed a government, calling themselves 'The Elysian Council.  - The Time Trap
  • Schrader, Professor Layton's mentor, reportedly has come across the mysterious Elysian Box, fabled to kill anyone that opens it.  - Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box
  • Hercules ask for Nessus to show him again, when Nessus shows Deianeira again Hercules jumps through the portal into the Elysian fields.  - Hercules in the Underworld
  • Desperate for any kind of income, he meets Luther Fox, an Englishman who runs an exclusive escort service called Elysian Fields, and is offered a job.  - The Man from Elysian Fields
  • They come to a gate tended by a man, who explains that Hyder can enter the Elysian Fields of the afterlife.  - The Hunt (The Twilight Zone)
  • They include the Elysian Fields, Tartarus, the River Styx, Valhalla, Heaven and Hell.  - Xena: Warrior Princess

Example sentences for "elysian" in interesting articles

  • An interesting woman he has met, another field of work, an Elysian part of the country—any or all of these become magnets for his wishes of deliverance.  - The Roots of Midlife Crisis
  • But we certainly don't want them haunting us on LinkedIn - maybe there should be a second, Elysian social graph where we can put those nodes to await us? You can call this nitpicking, but this stuff matters! This is supposed to be a canonical representation of human relationships.  - The Social Graph is Neither

Meaning of "elysian" in English

  • being of such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the gods
    - the divine Shakespeare
    - an elysian meal
    - an inspired performance
  • relating to the Elysian Fields

Meaning of "elysian" in Hindi

  • स्वर्गिक ( Svargik, swargik)

Synonyms of "elysian"

  • divine
  • inspired

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