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Example sentences for "emaciated" in popular movie and book plots

  • Paul finds several decayed corpses of Mick's victims and a severely emaciated woman (Jordan Cowan) woken by him begs to be freed.  - Wolf Creek 2
  • Louise enters a trance and is approached by a shambling, ghoulish, gore-covered, malign, emaciated naked figure (Patrick Moynan).  - The Inside (film)
  • Ada visits her sickly grandfather and sees a vision of an emaciated boy, who explains that her grandfather hid his wife's jug face the same as she did, and the community poisoned her grandfather as punishment.  - Jug Face
  • An emaciated Parisian policeman discovers an old lady who feeds pigeons in the park excessively.  - The Old Lady and the Pigeons
  • On the way, Gerry notices zombies ignoring an emaciated boy.  - World War Z (film)
  • The crew watches in horror as a tall, emaciated humanoid appears behind him and murders him by brutally twisting his neck until it breaks.  - The Tunnel (2011 film)
  • During his stay with the Roslans, he's reunited with his uncle who is able to pass as non-Jewish and at his request, the Roslans take in Jacob's younger brother Sholom who has been mistreated and is in an emaciated and fragile state.  - Jacob's Rescue
  • When she is ordered to attend a dinner party for Anne, her fiancé and his family, she does so, but her emaciated appearance shocks the guests.  - Thérèse Desqueyroux (novel)
  • An emaciated Ginotti confronts Wolfstein.  - St. Irvyne
  • As he enters the Rao house, Kathyayani, no longer her radiant, beautiful, self but a pale emaciated shell, is in her final moments.  - Vamsha Vriksha
  • An emaciated canary, singing like Frank Sinatra and attracting the attention of all the admiring chicks, is getting on the nerves of a pipe-puffing parrot, who speaks like Bing Crosby.  - Catch as Cats Can
  • Anna discovers that Lucie believes that she is constantly being terrorized by a ghoulish creature; a disfigured emaciated woman.  - Martyrs (2008 film)
  • The emaciated man begins searching the kitchen, unaware of the duo's presence.  - Quarantine (2008 film)
  • Under the pretext of work he engineers a visit to a concentration camp where he imagines that he sees his emaciated friend.  - Good (film)
  • As they weigh in, Justin notices the scales are really off and when Betty tests it she learns that Alexis rigged the scale to show emaciated models as being 20 pounds heavier than they really are, and when Betty confronts her about it, Alexis tells Betty that fixing the scale was Daniel's idea.  - Zero Worship
  • He takes the two men to the rock, where they discover the emaciated Gregorius, who has survived thanks to the Holy Spirit and a trickle of water emerging from the rock.  - Gregorius
  • A few hours later, the crew rescues a nearly frozen and emaciated man named Victor Frankenstein.  - Frankenstein (miniseries)
  • Tristana, now a blind and horribly emaciated figure, emerges and searches the penthouse for food.  - REC (film)
  • Soon, unable to hunt, he dies in a dried-up riverbed, where two hatchling Allosaurus are hunting for bugs and come across his emaciated carcass.  - The Ballad of Big Al
  • He comes across a rundown plantation house, and finds the only inhabitant is an emaciated old man called Antoine de Russy.  - Medusa's Coil
  • He notices she is physically emaciated and no longer her former self.  - The Reluctant Fundamentalist
  • Exploring, they eventually find signs of life: an emaciated citizen dressed in rags, who flees in terror on seeing them.  - City of the Damned
  • Meanwhile, the Doctor visits the Hampstead Heath police station to ask whether they have found any emaciated bodies in the vicinity; they have indeed found several bodies reduced to mere skin and bones, and they demand to know what the Doctor knows about the situation.  - Island of Death
  • The quest group is challenged to successfully recruit allies for the Regalians, and then journeys to find Gregor's dad emaciated and tortured in the personal prison of King Gorger.  - Gregor the Overlander
  • Rodrigo Quast, the acrobat, plans to take Lulu away with him as a circus performer but when she arrives, emaciated from the prison regime, he declares her unfit for his purposes.  - Pandora's Box (play)
  • Lost, cold, and succumbing to the elements, Marc is rescued by a local, an emaciated young man named Boris, who takes Marc to a run down inn.  - Calvaire (film)
  • At the meeting, Lempke finds Billy emaciated and near death.  - Thinner (film)
  • With the help of private detectives and Richie "The Hammer" Ginelli, a former client with ties to organized crime, an emaciated and desperate Billy tracks the Gypsy band north along the seacoast of New England to Maine.  - Thinner (novel)
  • As she starts to spank Henry, "The Voice in the Wilderness", an emaciated Frank Sinatra caricature, appears gently singing "It Had to Be You" while being pushed along by an orderly.  - Book Revue
  • The parents hurry to collect their malnourished and emaciated kids from the tolerance camp, but fail to realize that they tried to tell them about Garrison's behavior.  - The Death Camp of Tolerance
  • Though emaciated and half-insane, and reduced to eating insects to survive, Papillon refuses to give up Dega.  - Papillon (film)
  • He is emaciated as though he has been long imprisoned and with little access to food.  - The Big Four (novel)
  • The circumstances that led to the Master being reduced to his emaciated state are described in the Eighth Doctor Adventures novel Legacy of the Daleks by John Peel, which features the Master having an out-of-sequence encounter with the Eighth Doctor and Susan on Earth in the aftermath of The Dalek Invasion of Earth, and the Big Finish Productions audio drama The Two Masters, which sees the Master being attacked by his own future self as part of a plan to join the Cult of the Heretic in their efforts to remake the universe.  - The Deadly Assassin
  • Khanan, a dreamy, emaciated student, joins them.  - The Dybbuk
  • In the city of Herku, Dorothy and the Wizard's party are greeted by the emaciated but jovial Czarover of Herku, who has invented a pure energy compound called zosozo that can make his people strong enough to keep giants as slaves.  - The Lost Princess of Oz
  • When Michael goes into the garage, he finds a strange emaciated creature hidden amid all the boxes, debris and dead insects.  - Skellig
  • Before disappearing, the spirit shows Scrooge two hideous, emaciated children named Ignorance and Want.  - A Christmas Carol
  • As they climb up the Mountain, Gollum attacks them once more; but Frodo is easily able to throw off the starving and emaciated creature.  - The Return of the King
  • Rhett laughs at the idea but steals an emaciated horse and a small wagon, and they follow the retreating army out of Atlanta.  - Gone with the Wind (novel)

Example sentences for "emaciated" in interesting articles

Meaning of "emaciated" in English

  • very thin especially from disease or hunger or cold
    - a nightmare population of gaunt men and skeletal boys
    - eyes were haggard and cavernous
    - small pinched faces
    - kept life in his wasted frame only by grim concentration

Meaning of "emaciated" in Hindi

  • अशक्त
  • दुर्बल ( Durbal)

Synonyms of "emaciated"

  • pinched
  • gaunt
  • wasted
  • bony
  • cadaverous
  • skeletal
  • haggard

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