How to use "empirical" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "empirical" in popular movie and book plots

  • She measures the physical reactions of subjects during word association, to provide empirical data as a scientific basis for psychoanalysis.  - A Dangerous Method
  • Soon afterwards, Itin, the ostensible leader of the Weskers, approaches Garth about the problem of reconciling the empirical truth of the scientific method with the symbolic truth of revealed religion and asks him to come to the church to debate Father Mark.  - The Streets of Ashkelon
  • Verne and Ramona find huge scratch marks on the trees while Maggie finds two mutated bear cubs trapped in a salmon poacher's net, one of them still alive and prompting Verne to save it so it can serve as empirical evidence of the contamination.  - Prophecy (film)
  • Stan ends up shouting at the Mormons that they are ridiculous for believing in it without proof; they smile and patiently explain that it's a matter of faith, while Stan argues that it should be a matter of empirical evidence.  - All About Mormons
  • However, empirical equation (42) – which in principle is more general than Fowler-Nordheim-type equations - brings with it possible new ways of analyzing field emission i-V data.  - Field electron emission
  • The Weibull Plot is a plot of the empirical cumulative distribution function formula_56 of data on special axes in a type of Q-Q plot.  - Weibull distribution

Example sentences for "empirical" in interesting articles

Meaning of "empirical" in English

  • derived from experiment and observation rather than theory
    - empirical laws
    - empirical data
    - an empirical treatment of a disease about which little is known
  • relying on medical quackery

Meaning of "empirical" in Hindi

  • अनुभवजन्य ( Anubhavajany, anubhawazany)
  • आनुभविक ( Aanubhavik, aanubhawik)
  • प्रयोगाश्रित ( Prayogashrit, prayogaashrit)
  • आनुभाविक ( Aanubhavik, anubhaavik, aanubhawik)
  • अनुभवाश्रित ( Anubhavashrit, anubhavaashrit, anubhawashrit)
  • अनुभव-जन्य ( Anubhav-jany, anubhaw-zany)
  • अनुभवसद्ध ( Anubhavasaddh, anubhawasaddh)
  • अनुभूतिमूलक ( Anubhutimulak, anubhootimoolak)

Synonyms of "empirical"

  • empiric

Antonyms of "empirical"

  • theoretic
  • theoretical

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