How to use "endemic" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "endemic" in popular movie and book plots

  • When Motu saves a huge flying lizard called Liza from the jaws of a Toateesaurus, the race of natives, "Mo Kisa", endemic to the island appear and decree that Liza will save them in times of trial to return this favour.  - Motu Patlu in Wonderland!
  • However, while at the helm of the organisation he discovers that the problems that caused the sinking of the Christina are endemic and persistent within the company.  - Visibility Zero
  • As revealed by hidden scrolls recounting the history of the clan, Azai himself had failed to defend the flowers when the devastated region to which they were endemic was taken over by vicious bandits.  - Mark of the Ninja
  • The women of this tribe bear children until the end of their lives, an ability they gain from eating the bark of an endemic tree called the martin.  - State of Wonder
  • In the Batcave, they are met by the hostile last remnants of the Miagani, the Native American tribe endemic to the Gotham region, but are permitted to leave into Wayne Manor after killing a giant prehistoric bat.  - Night of the Owls
  • The credits (accompanied by organ music endemic to silent films), segue into title card: "A city street-----where laughter and tragedy rub elbows".  - The Valiant (1929 film)
  • Kusum grows close to his son Charan and keeps him with her during endemic in Vrindavan's village.  - Khushboo (1975 film)
  • False testimony and fabrications about Bernhardi striking the priest inflame the endemic antisemitism.  - Professor Bernhardi
  • As an inmate, he immediately witnesses rampant abuse and corruption, including open and endemic sexual assault, torture, worm-ridden diseased food, insurance fraud and a doctor charging inmates for care.  - Brubaker
  • Eventually, it is revealed that in this version of the Fermi paradox, sentient life is endemic throughout the universe; Humanity simply hadn't noticed it earlier because the universe destroys any race before it becomes advanced enough to develop a Type IV civilisation.  - Manifold: Space
  • Some years prior to the beginning of the story, Company sent an expedition of technical and security personnel (the latter called "Mirrors" for the mirrored helmets on their combat armor) to the planet; a short time later, all of the men and many of the women in the expedition died from a virus, also known as Jeep, which was endemic to the planet.  - Ammonite (novel)

Example sentences for "endemic" in interesting articles

  • Tunes will never work wellAt this point, chronic UX problems seem endemic to iTunes, in which case the solution will appear when the product achieves end-of-life.I was trying to use the iPhone Music app, and it kept popping up dialogs prompting me to sign into iTunes.  - iTunes will never work well
  • One man found challenging these assumptions an uphill battle.Buy ‘Retribution: The Battle for Japan, 1944-45.’Beriberi was endemic in the Imperial Japanese Navy.  - Eating Too Much Rice Almost Sank the Japanese Navy in 1882
  • On a bench in Berlin in 2007, he convinced Larry Lessig to dedicate himself to ending endemic corruption in Washington.  - Larry Lessig’s Long Walk
  • A spokesperson from her department told the Guardian that the government is still waiting for clearance from the environment ministry. India's drought migrants head to cities in desperate search for water Read more The project will cost an estimated 20tn rupees (£207bn) and take 20 to 30 years to complete. The government of Narendra Modi, the prime minister, is presenting the project as the solution to India’s endemic water problems.  - India set to start massive project to divert Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers
  • Over the vacation, he and his father struck up a conversation about the endemic problems plaguing the rural Indian countryside. A distributor for major Western brands looking to expand into the Indian countryside, Sanjay Agarwalla had first-hand knowledge of the problems that have since been documented for a global audience in a 2012 World Bank report. First, nearly three-quarters of India’s families depend on rural incomes.  - Kisan Network (YC W16) is an online marketplace for Indian agriculture
  • The Aherns live near Saratoga Springs, New York, where Lyme disease has been endemic for years.  - The Lyme Wars (2013)
  • Image copyright Maxime Aubert Image caption This painting, from Bone, is of a variety a wild endemic dwarfed bovid found only in Sulawesi, which the inhabitants probably hunted There are also human figures, and pictures of wild hoofed animals that are found only on the island.  - Cave paintings change ideas about the origin of art
  • How can it be that Google knows the ad is deceptive, Google charges extra for it, and still somehow is not liable? If Jesse Willms is responsible for the bad things his contractors did, why is Google not responsible for the bad things its advertisers did?”From individual affiliates up to those in the highest aeries of the tech ecosystem, few are ever held accountable for endemic fraud.  - Jesse Willms, the Dark Lord of the Internet
  • It was something endemic to the medium itself.  - Is Internet Addiction a Real Thing?

Meaning of "endemic" in English

  • originating where it is found
    - autochthonous rocks and people and folktales
    - endemic folkways
    - the Ainu are indigenous to the northernmost islands of Japan
  • native to or confined to a certain region
  • of or relating to a disease (or anything resembling a disease) constantly present to greater or lesser extent in a particular locality
    - endemic malaria
    - food shortages and starvation are endemic in certain parts of the world
  • a plant that is native to a certain limited area
  • a disease that is constantly present to a greater or lesser degree in people of a certain class or in people living in a particular location

Meaning of "endemic" in Hindi

  • स्थानिक
  • स्थानीय ( Sthaniy, sthaneey)
  • स्थानिक ( Sthanik)
  • देशज ( Deshaj, deshaz)
  • मुकामी ( Mukami, mukaamee)
  • प्रांतिक ( Prantik, praantik)
  • एक प्रदेशीय ( Ek pradeshiy, ek pradesheey)
  • क्षेत्र विशेष का ( Kshetr vishesh ka, kshetr vishesh kaa, kshetr wishesh ka)

Synonyms of "endemic"

  • autochthonic
  • autochthonal
  • autochthonous
  • endemic disease
  • endemical
  • indigenous

Antonyms of "endemic"

  • ecdemic
  • epidemic
  • widely distributed
  • cosmopolitan

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