How to use "equanimity" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "equanimity" in popular movie and book plots

  • However one day the voice tells her she has a year to live, and this realization completely shatters the equanimity of Devaduta.  - The Prophet: Destiny. Divinity. Doubt
  • The Shrothri family is shocked, even more so as Kathyayani has abandoned even her four-year-old son for Raja Rao, but Shrothri goads them back to some level of equanimity after the catastrophe.  - Vamsha Vriksha
  • Chand approaches her new life and land with equanimity and grace, and at times the wide-eyed optimism of hope—her first snowfall is a tiny miracle of beauty, and the roar of Niagara Falls creates the excitement of new beginnings.  - Heaven on Earth (film)

Example sentences for "equanimity" in interesting articles

  • Neurotics like me who were still learning to cope with being monitored were prone to pangs of disquiet and unease, but for The Common Sense Show types, a strange equanimity was possible.  - If You're Not Paranoid, You're Crazy
  • The introduction and withdrawal of incentives, and the uncertainty of how distribution might continue to work, makes it particularly important for these organizations to be able to influence platform decisions. Privately two views were expressed as to how some kind of equanimity might be achieved: The first would be a more coordinated approach to negotiation; the second that the platforms’ own competition will prove fruitful for news organizations.  - Social media's effect on journalism is greater than shift from print to digital

Meaning of "equanimity" in English

  • steadiness of mind under stress

Meaning of "equanimity" in Hindi

  • स्वभाव की समभाव ( Svabhav ki samabhav, svabhaav kee samabhaav, swabhaw ki samabhaw)
  • समवृत्ति ( Samavritti, samawritti)
  • समता ( Samata, samataa)
  • स्वाभाव
  • गम्भीरता ( Gambhirata, gambheerataa)
  • धैर्य ( Dhairy)
  • धीरज ( Dhiraj, dheeraj, dhiraz)

Synonyms of "equanimity"

  • calmness
  • calm
  • composure

Antonyms of "equanimity"

  • discomposure

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