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Example sentences for "eugenics" in popular movie and book plots

  • Stripe, it turns out, has been working for a global eugenics program to "protect the bloodline" of humanity, something Stripe passively agreed to.  - Men Against Fire
  • Once inside, they find that the school is not completely abandoned thanks to a eugenics program gone horribly wrong.  - Dark Medicine
  • Alan convinces them to let him to create a child through eugenics for them to adopt.  - The Very Idea
  • Arno Moriani (the protagonist of Path of the Dragon) and notes on a series of eugenics experiments called "Operation D" (referred to in the final scene of Path of the Dragon).  - Dracula 5: The Blood Legacy
  • The Dyad Institute conducts basic research, lobbies political institutions, and promotes its eugenics program, aided by the clone Rachel Duncan.  - Orphan Black
  • Both she and the Faris are the result of a Carthaginian eugenics program designed to create a being capable of communicating with the "burnished head", a sort of mechanical military computer.  - Ash: A Secret History
  • The team find out about the break-in in Montreal, and discover that the files Ashley stole concern "Operation Montana", a British government operation to experiment on six orphans 25 years previously, to turn them into "perfect" humans, until Magnus shuts it down after she deems it a rebound of the Nazi eugenics programme.  - End of Nights
  • The Arisians undertake a eugenics project to breed two human genetic lines that are intended to become the ultimate weapon in Arisia's cosmic war with Eddore.  - Triplanetary (novel)
  • Part of a secret government eugenics project, crazed biochemistry professor John Saxon committed terrible crimes on his college campus in the late 1960s before one of his colleagues burned the college to put a deadly end to his spree.  - Hellmaster
  • He starts kidnapping important world leaders for use in his eugenics program.  - Wild, Wild Planet
  • It is only when they learn of a very cruel, self-righteous conspiracy to practice eugenics that Milo and Alex start unravelling this very dark case.  - Survival of the Fittest (novel)
  • A lady hotelier with an interest in eugenics invites some young men to spend the summer.  - College Holiday
  • There, Scully learns that both the Simmons and the Reardons were treated by a woman named dr Sally Kendrick, who was fired for conducting eugenics experiments with ova from the clinic's lab.  - Eve (The X-Files)
  • Flinx pursues her across the rainy world of Moth and discovers she has been kidnapped by the mysterious Meliorare Society, a group known to have experimented with eugenics that might very well be the source of Flinx’s unusual talents.  - For Love of Mother-Not
  • With Earth's government being overseen by one of the alien races (Simbiari) ultimately under the authority of the Galactic Milieu, harsh laws (including eugenics laws) are instituted, which fuels feelings of suspicion in both earth's normal and metapsychic population.  - Galactic Milieu Series
  • The Rollerboys carry out their eugenics agenda through violent battles with ethnic gangs and through the distribution of the drug "mist".  - Prayer of the Rollerboys
  • Among the factions, the primitives are a eugenics project for Garry Uvarov who hopes to lengthen the lives of humanity without the use of Anti-Senescence (anagathic or life-extension) technology.  - Ring (Baxter novel)
  • The Doctor deduces both Sevateem and Tesh are descendants of the same crew from the Mordee Expedition, with the Tesh (or technicians) involved in the same deadly eugenics exercise as the Sevateem (or survey team).  - The Face of Evil
  • Breaking with his former beliefs, the Professor admits that any peasant woman could give birth to a genius and that eugenics are therefore a waste of time.  - Heart of a Dog
  • He also uncovers evidence that Kodos applied his own personal theories of eugenics when he chose who lived and died.  - The Conscience of the King
  • Several secret societies also develop, using eugenics programs, intensive mental and physical training, and pharmaceutical enhancements to hone human skills to an astonishing degree.  - Dune (franchise)
  • The New Gods back the Malwa Empire of India and commence attempts to conquer the world and stamp out meritorious accomplishment as a means to privilege and instead favor planned eugenics and hereditary birth (Autocracy) in order to change the future.  - Belisarius series
  • Tenma eventually learns the origins of this "monster": from the former East Germany's attempt to use a secret orphanage known as "511 Kinderheim" to create perfect soldiers through psychological reprogramming, to the author of children's books used in a eugenics experiment in the Czech Republic.  - Monster (manga)
  • They believe that to follow God's word and prevent another Tribulation, they must preserve absolute normality among the surviving humans, plants and animals, and therefore follow a eugenics policy.  - The Chrysalids
  • Genetic analysis reveals he is the ultimate result of long-running eugenics experiments devised by Arthur Frayn—who is Zardoz—who controlled the outlands with the Exterminators, thus coercing the Brutals to supply the Vortices with grain.  - Zardoz
  • 's support for the first eugenics practices (see Buck Bell ); the German-Vatican Reichskonkordat of 1933, which the Nazi-dominated German government exploited as an implicit foreign recognition of Nazi leadership; Stalin's part in the Nazi-Soviet Pact of 1939, which removed the last major obstacle standing in the way of Germany's invasion and occupation of western Poland, initiating World War II; and the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the final stage of the war in August 1945.  - Judgment at Nuremberg
  • In "the not-too-distant future", eugenics is common.  - Gattaca

Example sentences for "eugenics" in interesting articles

  • Many people believe that all green life is holy and should not be inhibited.Weeding, to such people, is akin to eugenics and murder.  - How libraries decide which books to keep
  • Digital influence is now the costume of our century and a problematic eugenics for sorting human value. I have become more popular on platforms with very little user-regulation — like YouTube in 2007, Twitch today, and even Reddit and 4Chan — than on platforms with very high user-regulation — like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter today.  - I Was Internet-Famous
  • was gripped by a eugenics craze, which Isenberg sees as motivated by revulsion over the supposed degeneracy of poor whites, especially those in the South.  - The Despair of Poor White Americans
  • A kind of reverse eugenics might occur, in which governments would freely allow the birth of people with "bad" genes but would let nature take its course on them as they aged.  - The Coming Death Shortage
  • The original Progressive movements for prohibition and eugenics weren’t about personal responsibility regarding alcohol and reproduction, either.  - ESR: FEMALE ADVOCACY ARE TRYING TO FRAME LINUS TORVALDS FOR SEXUAL ASSAULT
  • According to “Newsweek,” during the 1920s, somewhere between 20 and 40 percent of high schools had sex-education programs. The 1927 movie “Are You Fit to Marry?” promotes eugenics and includes the 1916 short movie, “The Black Stork,” which advocates the idea that babies born with syphilis and other deforming diseases should be left to die.  - The Scandalous History of Sex-Ed Movies

Meaning of "eugenics" in English

  • the study of methods of improving genetic qualities by selective breeding (especially as applied to human mating)

Meaning of "eugenics" in Hindi

  • मुजनन विद्या ( Mujanan vidya, mujanan vidyaa, muzanan widya)

Antonyms of "eugenics"

  • dysgenics
  • cacogenics

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