How to use "evocative" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "evocative" in popular movie and book plots

  • It begins with Carlos recounting the political and social atmosphere of Mexico during the time period of his childhood, beginning with the evocative yet paradoxical line “I remember, I don’t remember.  - Battles in the Desert
  • Gilbert's writing is often at its evocative best when dealing with the giant dog and "The Headmaster" is no exception.  - The Headmaster (short story)
  • The author narrates a string of evocative episodes including visiting a languid casino, a courteous man claiming to be the true Caliph, watching a city-wide roof race, and a visit to the mysterious British agency.  - Last Letters from Hav
  • In a study of fantasy and science fiction literature, William Sims Bainbridge (1986: 136) explained: "The author uses evocative language and intense images to convey a sense of the marvelous and mysterious.  - The Ship of Ishtar
  • When Vince’s raw and evocative sculptures are discovered by calculating art dealer Belinda, his chance for a new life as an artist emerges, as well as romantic complications with Belinda’s gallery assistant, Kristen.  - The Con Artist
  • Hellboy encounters two odd men and a woman who see him and cut short their rendition of the evocative "Mister Stormalong" sea shanty, whose monster-hunting folk hero they identify with Hellboy, and whose verses we have been hearing over several pages of captions.  - Hellboy: Darkness Calls
  • It was Gould who, with his "ruthless and open, yet healthy American-Canadian manner" first called Wertheimer, to his face, "The Loser" ("Der Untergeher"—a much more evocative word, lit.  - The Loser
  • In a mishap evocative of their first meeting, Roger falls into the water as Elena gets back into the boat.  - Nouvelle Vague (film)
  • Detective, polyglot, chef, eunuch--Investigator Yashim returns in this evocative Edgar® Award–winning series set in Constantinople towards the end of the Ottoman Empire Constantinople, 1838.  - The Snake Stone
  • Seeing no future for himself, Wisdom takes a left turn: he decides to becomes a criminal "for the people," evocative of Robin Hood.  - Wisdom (film)
  • The greatest changes that Perrot made to the basic plot were the change of location from the darkly evocative Danube to the sunnier shores of Sicily, and the transformation of the aristocratic Sir Huldbrand into the humble fisherman Matteo, while Undine's rival Bertalda became the orphan Giannina.  - Ondine, ou La naïade
  • As a satire of the Horatio Alger myth of success, the novel is evocative of Voltaire’s Candide, which satirized the philosophical optimism of Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and Alexander Pope.  - A Cool Million
  • Conceptual artist Anne Benton (Jodie Foster) creates electronic pieces that flash evocative statements, and her work has begun to attract major media attention.  - Catchfire
  • His conspicuous distinctness from the female character is evocative of the sexual incompleteness characteristic of Brakhage and his contemporaries.  - Sexual Meditation: Room with View
  • The novel gives an evocative portrait of the city of Buenos Aires and its people.  - On Heroes and Tombs
  • The plane's shape was updated with the change in temporal setting, losing the rounded fuselage and modestly curved wings evocative of a World War II-era pursuit-fighter, in favor of a dart-like, delta winged jet.  - Wonder Woman (TV series)
  • Most locations in the series are evocative of traditional Japan.  - Vampire Princess Miyu
  • His body decomposes and merges with the forest floor; in the Spring, beautiful flowers with strangely evocative odors sprout at the site.  - Lyonesse Trilogy
  • While the anarchist Souvarine preaches violent action, the miners and their families hold back, their poverty becoming ever more disastrous, until they are sparked into a ferocious riot, the violence of which is described in explicit terms by Zola, as well as providing some of the novelist's best and most evocative crowd scenes.  - Germinal (novel)
  • The Passover Seder or Last Supper is celebrated in a scene evocative of the famous Da Vinci painting.  - Oberammergau Passion Play
  • The novel is evocative of the New Hampshire of Irving's childhood.  - The Hotel New Hampshire
  • The novel explores the psychology of the three main characters and is more concerned with evocative settings than with incident.  - The Member of the Wedding
  • William, a psychotic Iraq veteran, murders a war protester and the man's girlfriend, and poses their bodies in a manner evocative of incidents such as Abu Ghraib.  - Quiet Nights of Blood and Pain

Example sentences for "evocative" in interesting articles

  • The important part was that the name was evocative enough: planes, clouds, graphs… For $5, I didn’t want to make my designers think too hard to find a good metaphor.The SkyStats team as I like to imagine it, lead by CEO Sky McFlyBait & SwitchNow for the fun part: finding the three lucky designers who would get the job, and thus receive a princely $5 apiece.This is when I encountered the first problem.While browsing Fiverr, I saw many designers featuring impressive work on their profile.  - What Kind of Logo Do You Get for $5?
  • As the world grew, better options to grow characters emerged and Silithus, despite being an evocative wasteland, seems to have lost its appeal.  - Forgotten Corners of World of Warcraft
  • It’s this shameless borrowing that gives English such a surfeit of evocative synonyms: cease and stop, battle and fight, feeling and emotion.  - The Medieval Battle That Launched Modern English
  • But in between these two classes there is a huge dump of worn-out metaphors which have lost all evocative power and are merely used because they save people the trouble of inventing phrases for themselves.  - George Orwell – Politics and the English Language (1946)
  • Christopher Costelloe, director of the Victorian Society, says it's that evocative movement that people like.  - Will the UK's gas holders be missed?
  • Evgeny Morozov asks: “how reasonable is it to expect that advertising will remain the magic cash cow that helps bring free internet to Sri Lanka or India and allows millions of people to use email and search at no cost? … Advertising was always held in contempt by Silicon Valley; it’s too crude, too inefficient, too evocative of the connections between technology and vulgar capitalism.  - Advertising cannot maintain the Internet
  • No, this anger was much more evocative of a man betrayed.  - Observations From a Tipless Restaurant, Part 5: Sex, Power and Tips
  • In both cases, however, dietary laws are not intended to be handmaidens to a higher cause, but moral causes in themselves. Just as the food of today often attracts a level of metaphysical attentiveness suggestive of the sex of yesterday, so does food today seem attended by a similarly evocative — and proliferating — number of verboten signs.  - Is Food the New Sex? (2009)
  • He used his final speech as President, 10 days before the inauguration of Donald Trump to deliver a warning to the American people: American democracy itself is under threat by economic inequality, racial division, and, not-so-subtly evocative of the election, the rise of a fragmented and self-reinforcing media.  - Social media's effect on journalism is greater than shift from print to digital
  • I hope you’ll understand my comments in that perspective. First, I’ll say that, overall, I find your model interesting, and evocative of many things I’ve been reading lately.  - Developing ethical, social, and cognitive competence (2015)

Meaning of "evocative" in English

  • serving to bring to mind
    - a campaign redolent of machine politics

Meaning of "evocative" in Hindi

  • याद ताज़ा करने वाला ( Yad taza karane vala, yaad taazaa karane vaalaa, yad taja karane wala)
  • उद्बोधक ( Udbodhak)
  • याद कराने वाला ( Yad karane vala, yaad karane vaalaa, yad karane wala)

Synonyms of "evocative"

  • redolent
  • remindful
  • reminiscent

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