How to use "exacerbate" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "exacerbate" in popular movie and book plots

  • To further exacerbate his feelings, he suffers a humiliating defeat in the next election.  - Bahuparak
  • After a boring evening of watching television, Frank visualizes killing his loud and inconsiderate neighbors, whose baby's screams exacerbate his chronic migraine headaches and rob him of sleep.  - God Bless America (film)
  • daiquiris makes Marshall narcissistic, red wine brings out Barney's self-pitying side, while absinthe makes Robin hallucinate and martinis exacerbate Lily's attraction to Robin).  - The Perfect Cocktail
  • People communicate among themselves through universally understood sign language and gestures that can often exacerbate misunderstandings and conflicts.  - Speech Sounds
  • Meanwhile, mounting tensions and conflicts exacerbate the already tense situation, making Nissanka's life very unbearable.  - Delovak Athara
  • professes his desperation to his father at the tragic news, which he says will now only exacerbate his depression, Tony bursts into fury.  - The Blue Comet
  • These successive revelations exacerbate Hoss's self-doubt and his belief that the old way is dying, and he attempts to perk up his confidence by challenging the Gypsy to a shiv fight.  - The Tooth of Crime
  • Back on Earth, Gregory and Jessica's father begin running tests on the spores, and soon discover them to be a highly infectious contagion able to induce and exacerbate hatred and destructive impulses in any sentient being they contaminate.  - The Return of Optimus Prime
  • Unable to obtain a home of their own, Jenny and Arthur have to go on living in the crowded Fitton house with Arthur's parents and adult brother Geoffrey, where the thin walls and lack of privacy exacerbate Arthur's discomfort.  - The Family Way
  • When James refuses, he is taken away and beaten up and to further exacerbate the situation, the Colonel brings in his wife and sexually assaults her.  - The Sadhu
  • As the program becomes popular, Tuvok admits he wrote the program himself, to train his security officers in the event of a possible Maquis rebellion; however, as the Maquis proved to integrate well with their crewmates, Tuvok abandoned the program, believing that it would only exacerbate tensions on board the ship.  - Worst Case Scenario (Star Trek: Voyager)
  • They conclude that Randall is involved in Silver Bullet's plan to exacerbate the Y2K disaster in order to create an excuse to stage a military coup and take over Britain.  - Millennium Shock
  • Quinn's worries over the murder exacerbate his troubles at home; he is estranged from his wife, Lola (Sheryl Lee Ralph), and rarely has time to see his son.  - The Mighty Quinn (film)
  • Tweek is scared the most by the media reports, and his parents serve only to exacerbate his fears by turning their house into a virtual prison and playing cruel intellectual games with him designed by intention to increase his safety.  - Child Abduction Is Not Funny
  • Her 'Yuppie' friends, Hugh Westroper and his beautiful, glamorous wife Sally, only exacerbate his alienation from her world by talking disparagingly about teaching as a profession and about his car.  - Wilt (film)
  • The nature of the crimes, and the local police's inability to capture the killer, have led people all over the region to become more anxious with each passing day, and certain elements of the local media exacerbate the situation with inflammatory and provocative coverage.  - Black House (novel)
  • Dalton, not wanting to exacerbate matters, allows Wesley and his men entrance to the club that night.  - Road House (1989 film)
  • Batman warns Superman that his idealist notions are outdated and his interference will only exacerbate the world's problems, insisting that strategy and delicacy is required, not force.  - Kingdom Come (comics)
  • Gulliver becomes a member of a horse's household and comes to both admire and emulate the Houyhnhnms and their lifestyle, rejecting his fellow humans as merely Yahoos endowed with some semblance of reason which they only use to exacerbate and add to the vices Nature gave them.  - Gulliver's Travels

Example sentences for "exacerbate" in interesting articles

  • As TensorFlow’s usage grows, some companies are realizing an increasingly important part of the technology toolkit is controlled by Google, and they don’t want to exacerbate that trend.They’re "skeptical about using a language backed by another large company," said Soumith Chintala, a Facebook Inc.  - Google Sprints Ahead in AI Building Blocks, Leaving Rivals Wary
  • An aggressive approach in individual interactions can exacerbate underlying social tensions in a way that fuels a dangerous fire.  - Law Enforcement’s “Warrior” Problem
  • However, the internet seems to exacerbate the problem to an unprecedented level.  - How the Internet Changes Our Thoughts and Behaviors for the Worse (2011)
  • Zoning restrictions exacerbate this dynamic, because many rich municipalities with excellent public schools oppose the density that would allow more people to access their schools, which in turn drives housing prices up further.  - The pressure that U.S. inequality exerts on parents
  • But such empty praise can exacerbate some of the very problems that growth mindset is intended to counter.  - Carol Dweck Explains the False Growth Mindset
  • The insights Zimbardo had gleaned from his Stanford Prison Experiment had taken a new turn: Channeling the work of Sherry Turkle and Robert Putnam, he had begun to worry that technology, all the ways humans had invented to avoid each other, would ultimately exacerbate shyness.  - The Case for Shyness
  • Rising income inequality may exacerbate this effect: Past research has shown that adults’ happiness is lower when income inequality is higher, and older adults, compared to young adults and teens, may feel its effects more acutely.Happiness is sometimes defined as reality divided by expectations.Another possible factor is the rise of individualism, a cultural system that places more emphasis on the self and less on social rules and relationships with others.  - Young People Are Happier Than They Used to Be
  • Construction in floodplains, lax building codes, lack of preparation, the malign effects of climate change, and even underinsurance exacerbate the impact of the disasters.  - Disasters That Worry Emergency Planners Most
  • These changes were based on previous research showing that more cash and bigger dividend spreads exacerbate bubbles.  - Why asset bubbles are a part of the human condition that regulation can’t cure
  • Adding an extra decade or two can only exacerbate the strain.Worse, child-rearing, a primary marital activity, will be even more difficult than it is now.  - The Coming Death Shortage
  • He says, “The vertical farm is a theoretical construct whose time has arrived, for to fail to produce them in quantity for the world at-large in the near future will surely exacerbate the race for the limited amount of remaining natural resources of an already stressed-out planet, creating an intolerable social climate.” But Nate Storey of Bright Agrotech is optimistic: “As the market for local grows, there is going to be huge growth in the vertical growing industry.  - Farming in the Sky
  • International law aside, there may be policy questions: Should we allow scary enhancements, which was the point of fierce Viking helmets or samurai masks? Could that exacerbate hostilities by prompting charges of dishonor and cowardice, the same charges we're now hearing about military robots? Military-civilian issues As history shows, we can expect the proliferation of every military technology we invent.  - The Ethics of Biologically Enhancing Soldiers
  • While it would seem that more highly educated nurses is something to strive for, Salsburg said this could potentially exacerbate shortages.  - The U.S. Is on the Verge of a Major Nursing Shortage

Meaning of "exacerbate" in English

  • make worse
  • exasperate or irritate

Meaning of "exacerbate" in Hindi

  • उत्तेजित करना ( Uttejit karana, uttejit karanaa, uttezit karana)
  • बिगाड़ना ( Bigadana, bigaadanaa)
  • चिढ़ाना ( Chidhana, chidhanaa)
  • बढ़ा देना
  • बढ़ाना ( Badhana, badhanaa)
  • तीव्र करना ( Tivr karana, teevr karanaa, tiwr karana)
  • कटु बनाना ( Katu banana, katu bananaa)
  • बिगाड़ देना ( Bigad dena, bigaad denaa)
  • बढ़ा देना ( Badha dena, badhaa denaa)

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