How to use "exculpate" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "exculpate" in popular movie and book plots

  • The miller, his wife and his daughter, while trying to exculpate themselves, all express a different version of the same incident.  - Death of Yazdgerd
  • As a result of being accused of terrorism charges, his mother uses his influences to try to exculpate him, but she is forced to confine him in a detox clinic, where Francisco finds a bunch of lost souls.  - Paco (film)
  • Virginia is determined to exculpate her husband, and contacts her friend Luca Fattori (Marc Porel).  - Sette note in nero
  • To stop her and exculpate himself, Stone reveals that Ruth is his partner.  - Escort Girl (film)
  • In an attempt to exculpate himself, Joe tells his boss about the reason for their involvement in the events, and about Dan’s visit to the casino.  - Looking for Trouble
  • Makaria manages to exculpate herself from any involvement in the conspiracy, pouring suspicion onto the emperor's current wife, Tulliola.  - Romanitas (novel)

Example sentences for "exculpate" in interesting articles

  • Biological explanation will not exculpate criminals; we will still remove from the streets lawbreakers who prove overaggressive, underempathetic, and poor at controlling their impulses.  - The Brain on Trial
  • to make a move: either it should go after him more aggressively, sifting thoroughly through his past and picking up loose threads, or it should seek to exculpate him and remove this cloud of suspicion.  - The Wrong Man
  • Developing countries tend to have explanations for the condition, such as spirit possession, that exculpate individuals and preserve their existing identities.  - Learning to Live with the Voices in Your Head (2014)

Meaning of "exculpate" in English

  • pronounce not guilty of criminal charges

Meaning of "exculpate" in Hindi

  • दोष मुक्त करना ( Dosh mukt karana, dosh mukt karanaa)
  • निर्दोष सिद्ध करना ( Nirdosh siddh karana, nirdosh siddh karanaa)
  • निर्दोष करना ( Nirdosh karana, nirdosh karanaa)
  • निरपराधी घोषित करना ( Niraparadhi ghoshit karana, niraparaadhee ghoshit karanaa)
  • दोषमुक्त करना ( Doshamukt karana, doshamukt karanaa)

Synonyms of "exculpate"

  • assoil
  • clear
  • discharge
  • exonerate
  • acquit

Antonyms of "exculpate"

  • convict

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