How to use "execrable" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "execrable" in popular movie and book plots

  • The other main human character is Thomas Quentin Crimp (Jimmy Mulville), an execrable type with few (or no) morals, held out by Satan as an example of all that is detestable about humanity and often described (especially by God himself) as the most venal and corrupt human being who ever lived.  - Old Harry's Game

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Meaning of "execrable" in English

  • deserving a curse
  • unequivocally detestable
    - detestable vices
    - execrable crimes
    - consequences odious to those you govern
  • of very poor quality or condition
    - woeful treatment of the accused
    - woeful errors of judgment

Meaning of "execrable" in Hindi

  • घृणित ( Ghrinit)
  • घिनौना ( Ghinauna, ghinaunaa)
  • घृणास्पद ( Ghrinaspad, ghrinaaspad)
  • घिनौना
  • घटिया ( Ghatiya, ghatiyaa)
  • निंदनीय ( Nindaniy, nindaneey)

Synonyms of "execrable"

  • odious
  • detestable
  • abominable
  • miserable
  • damnable
  • deplorable
  • woeful
  • wretched

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