How to use "exhort" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "exhort" in popular movie and book plots

  • The CPI leaders exhort the people that they need not pay any tax on their land and take away the yield to their homes instead of sending them to the landlord's house.  - Veera Telangana
  • At the last minute, Rocca and Durrell discover that the man they have freed is an impostor, and he is about to exhort "his" troops to stay loyal to the Axis.  - The Secret Invasion
  • In a poem exalting the King, the lovers of Paris exhort him to do something for their safety.  - Mademoiselle de Scuderi
  • They cajole and intimidate Saleem into attending a political meeting in Rawalpindi, where the speakers exhort the audience to commit themselves to jihad for the creation of an Islamic Pakistani state.  - Khamosh Pani
  • This exploitation film belongs to the social guidance genre of quasi-documentary narratives, which exhort young adults to follow particular moral and social prescriptions related to sexuality and drug use.  - Sex Madness
  • In the village of Domrémy, the young Joan is visited by Saint Michael, Saint Catherine, and Saint Margaret, who exhort her to fight for her country.  - Joan of Arc (1900 film)

Example sentences for "exhort" in interesting articles

  • Plus, the knowledge acquired by the self-taught learner tends to be more useful than the the typical curricular information garage sale. Which reconciles an age old debate: haggard teachers exhort their students that the material being studied is of immense importance while the students feel it can’t possibly be.  - Consider dropping out of school.
  • We’re all for more trees, and we also exhort scientists and engineers to seek disruptive technologies in carbon storage.  - What It Would Really Take to Reverse Climate Change

Meaning of "exhort" in English

  • force or impel in an indicated direction
  • spur on or encourage especially by cheers and shouts

Meaning of "exhort" in Hindi

  • शिक्षा देना ( Shiksha dena, shikshaa denaa)
  • उपदेश करना ( Upadesh karana, upadesh karanaa)
  • जताना ( Jatana, jatanaa, zatana)
  • उत्साहित करना ( Utsahit karana, utsahit karanaa)
  • दबाव डालना ( Dabav dalana, dabaav daalanaa, dabaw dalana)
  • प्रोत्साहित करना ( Protsahit karana, protsahit karanaa)

Synonyms of "exhort"

  • urge
  • cheer
  • press
  • inspire
  • barrack
  • urge on
  • pep up

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