How to use "expiate" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "expiate" in popular movie and book plots

  • Cusi Coyllur is then imprisoned in the Acllahuasi ("house of chosen women") where she is to expiate her sins; there she gives birth to a baby girl, fruit of her love with Ollantay, that she names Ima Sumac ("how beautiful").  - Ollantay
  • Jesco encounters God, cutting and chopping himself until he dies to expiate himself of his sins.  - White Lightnin'
  • Madame de Maintenon decides to impose stricter rules and plunges into religion in an attempt to expiate her past.  - The King's Daughters
  • The group is led by Major Richard Mace (Stewart Granger), who is trying to expiate his feelings of guilt for sending his own brother on a dangerous mission and waiting too long to extricate him.  - The Secret Invasion
  • He treats his good-hearted but slightly eccentric Bible-quoting wife Lavinia in a way designed to undermine both her self-confidence and sense of reality; she is no help to her children and wants nothing more than to join a religious retreat so she can expiate her sins.  - Another Part of the Forest
  • Obliged to expiate his crime, Cugel is sent down into the depths of the temple of the demon Phampoun.  - Cugel's Saga
  • Though he has evaded capture for decades with the help of the French government and the Catholic Church, now a new breed of government officials is determined to break decades of silence and expose and expiate the crimes of Vichy.  - The Statement (novel)
  • Nevertheless, Tell helps John flee, on the condition that John expiate his crime as soon as possible.  - William Tell (play)
  • There are fourteen women who live in the dilapidated house, sent there to expiate bad karma, as well as to relieve their families of financial and emotional burdens.  - Water (2005 film)
  • Long haunted by grief and guilt over the death of his girlfriend in a car accident which he believes was his fault, Paul offers to sacrifice himself by taking Ailell's place on the Summer Tree, seeing this as a way to expiate his guilt.  - The Summer Tree

Meaning of "expiate" in English

  • make amends for

Meaning of "expiate" in Hindi

  • क्षतिपूर्ति करना ( Kshatipurti karana, kshatipoorti karanaa)
  • प्रायश्चित करना ( Prayashchit karana, praayashchit karanaa)
  • निवृत्त करना ( Nivritt karana, nivritt karanaa, niwritt karana)

Synonyms of "expiate"

  • aby
  • atone
  • abye

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