How to use "extirpate" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "extirpate" in popular movie and book plots

  • They are stopped by Pentheus, who announces his decision to extirpate Dionysus and his cult.  - The Lightning Child
  • In an epic final clash a whole army is sent to extirpate Canudos and instigates a terrible and brutal battle with the poor while politicians of the old order see their world destroyed in the conflagration.  - The War of the End of the World
  • Cugel manages to extirpate the alien, subdue the magician, and enjoy the easy life in the manse, until he tries to banish Iucounu and Fianosther (who himself has come to pilfer from Cugel) with the same spell that the magician had used on him.  - The Eyes of the Overworld

Meaning of "extirpate" in English

  • surgically remove (an organ)
  • pull up by or as if by the roots
  • destroy completely, as if down to the roots
    - root out corruption

Meaning of "extirpate" in Hindi

  • उखाड़ना ( Ukhadana, ukhaadanaa)
  • मिटा देना ( Mita dena, mitaa denaa)
  • उन्मूलन करना ( Unmulan karana, unmoolan karanaa)
  • जड़ से उखाड़ना
  • जड़ से उखाड़ना ( Jad se ukhadana, jad se ukhaadanaa, zad se ukhadana)
  • विनाश करना ( Vinash karana, vinaash karanaa, winash karana)
  • मूलोच्छेद करना ( Mulochchhed karana, moolochchhed karanaa)
  • मूलोच्छेदन करना ( Mulochchhedan karana, moolochchhedan karanaa)

Synonyms of "extirpate"

  • deracinate
  • exterminate
  • eradicate
  • root out
  • uproot

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