How to use "facetious" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "facetious" in popular movie and book plots

  • Archie learns nothing from them except that Anne Horne has a facetious sense of humor.  - When a Man Murders
  • When Specialist Lawyer McCoy (Rob Devaney), a married, college-educated soldier, is disgusted by this response, Salazar and McCoy press the issue further, and Flake offers a sarcastic, facetious apology to Salazar's camcorder, enjoying the limelight, which further inflames the situation.  - Redacted (film)
  • Pierre has nothing to give Cybèle for Christmas, so he accepts her facetious challenge to bring her the metal rooster from the top of a Gothic church near the orphanage.  - Sundays and Cybele
  • The episode ends with a facetious epilogue followed by closing credits accompanied by Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik:.  - Margical History Tour
  • They later discover a mass grave where all the surviving San Lorenzans had killed themselves with ice-nine, on the facetious advice of Bokonon.  - Cat's Cradle

Example sentences for "facetious" in interesting articles

Meaning of "facetious" in English

  • cleverly amusing in tone
    - facetious remarks
    - tongue-in-cheek advice

Meaning of "facetious" in Hindi

  • हंसमुख ( Hansamukh)
  • हंसने वाला ( Hansane vala, hansane vaalaa, hansane wala)
  • हासोत्पादक ( Hasotpadak, haasotpaadak)
  • ठठोल ( Thathol)
  • विनोदी ( Vinodi, vinodee, winodi)
  • मजाकिया ( Majakiya, majaakiyaa, mazakiya)
  • मज़ाकिया ( Mazakiya, mazaakiyaa, majakiya)
  • विनोदशील ( Vinodashil, vinodasheel, winodashil)
  • मजाकी ( Majaki, majaakee, mazaki)

Synonyms of "facetious"

  • tongue in cheek
  • bantering

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