How to use "factor" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "factor" in popular movie and book plots

  • The making of the wax and length of the candle all factor into the lifespan of a given person.  - Macario (film)
  • Another contributing factor was the fact that Kaixin's older brother Kaiwei had broken up with Yilin's older sister Yixuan.  - The Champion (TV series)
  • However, the wily Dornean fleet commander had a card to play, and there was another unknown factor in the battle.  - The Black Fleet Crisis
  • As they investigate the cases, Michael tries to pinpoint a common factor for these people.  - The Darwin Awards (film)
  • James flees along with Thomas's other son Victor Creed, who is thus James's half-brother and has a healing factor mutation like James.  - X-Men Origins: Wolverine
  • The visions they see of the event are blurred and distorted, a factor that Number Fourteen attributes to the repeated use of the process.  - A. B. and C.
  • Firearms factor heavily in Filgaia's mythology.  - Wild Arms 2
  • At the same time, his crew revere him and believe that he is the one factor that will ensure their survival.  - Bomber (novel)
  • Wolverine, whose healing factor was disabled by the Sentinels earlier, manages to defeat Bastion.  - X-Men: Next Dimension
  • As days go by, that nurse becomes the dominant factor of life at No.  - Minty Alley
  • While en route, the ship detects a strange energy storm moving at warp factor 26 and on a course to the planetoid.  - The Lights of Zetar
  • A further complicating factor is that Kirk has started falling in love with Lenore.  - The Conscience of the King
  • The Terrans, while technologically more advanced in most respects to the Sirians, are outnumbered and out-gunned by a factor of twelve-to-one.  - Wasp (novel)
  • This was the Doctor's intent all along: that the human factor would lead to "human" Daleks that would be friendly to humanity.  - The Evil of the Daleks
  • The second factor is represented by lines on the interaction plot.  - Interaction (statistics)
  • Another factor is his children—a son Joseph "JoJo" Summers Jr.  - Baby Boy (film)

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