How to use "fallow" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "fallow" in popular movie and book plots

  • By early October, the monks of the Abbey of Saint Peter and Saint Paul are in the newly acquired Potter's Field, setting the plow with a huge team of oxen to till the long fallow land.  - The Potter's Field (Peters novel)
  • After hunting some chamois and fallow deer, the player heads down a mountain to kill an aggressive wild boar.  - Cabela's Big Game Hunter (2007 video game)
  • Using faintly corrupt methods, Bellodi traps one man and uses the names given by a dead informer to trap another, who has money stashed away in many bank accounts that add up to more than his fallow fields would ever bring.  - The Day of the Owl

Example sentences for "fallow" in interesting articles

  • It all lay fallow in me for a long time, as notes on my blog, snatches of poems, story bits to never be written.  - Against Productivity
  • I would love to see a fallow up post with images without the house induced by the rotation of the plate. Windell says: August 27, 2011 at 12:41 am All of these microwaves have turntables– even where there is a standing wave pattern, it is still being dragged in a circle, as we visualize it here. — Windell H.  - Microwave Oven Diagnostics with Indian Snack Food
  • It was fallow farmland until 1979, when DLF, India's biggest developer, began buying up property.  - My Summer at an Indian Call Center
  •  Abandoned fields and fallow plantations are indications of a looming agricultural and environmental crisis.  - How India Became America
  • It was fallow farmland until 1979, when DLF, India's biggest developer, began buying up property.  - My summer at an Indian call center
  • His refrain for those families, famously, was: “Get big or get out.”Almost as soon as Butz won approval from Congress, he canceled payments for fallow land and urged farmers to “plant fencerow to fencerow,” promising to use the emerging global economy to buttress against low prices.  - Corn Wars
  • Edwards Deming’s gospel, In God We Trust, Everyone Else Brings Data, I downloaded a handful of Apple earnings calls, such as this one, courtesy of Seeking Alpha, and began to dig.[Speaking of language faux pas, Deming’s saying was shamelessly and badly appropriated — without attribution — by Google’s Eric Schmidt in a talk at MIT.)Looking just for the words that emanated from the horses’ mouths, I stripped the intros and outros and the question parts of the Q&As, and pasted into Pages (which has, sadly, lain fallow since January 2009).  - Apple is losing the war of words
  • The square feature that was found on Google Earth is indeed man-made, but it's an old fallow cornfield, or milpa."Another anthropologist, Thomas Garrison from the University of Southern California, also thinks it's corn field.  - “Ancient Mayan city” discovered by teen may in fact be cannabis crop

Meaning of "fallow" in English

  • undeveloped but potentially useful
  • left unplowed and unseeded during a growing season
  • cultivated land that is not seeded for one or more growing seasons

Meaning of "fallow" in Hindi

  • कुछ लाल या पीला
  • बोने के लिए पृथ्वी को जोतना ( Bone ke lie prithvi ko jotana, bone ke lie prithvee ko jotanaa, bone ke lie prithwi ko zotana)
  • कुछ लाल या पीला ( Kuchh lal ya pila, kuchh laal yaa peelaa)
  • परती ( Parati, paratee)
  • बे बोया हुआ ( Be boya hu, be boyaa huaa)
  • बञ्जर ( Banjjar, banzzar)
  • ऊसर ( Usar, oosar)
  • ब‌ंजर ( Banjar, banzar)
  • पड़ती ( Padati, padatee)

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