How to use "far" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "far" in popular movie and book plots

  • John confides in his far more worldly roommate, Zeb Jones, who is not only not shocked, but who assists John.  - If This Goes On—
  • It turns out that the Mother Thing is far hardier than Kip had suspected.  - Have Space Suit—Will Travel
  • The Protector goes so far as to bar all visitors to his chambers, and even prohibits DeWar from speaking to him unless he is spoken to.  - Inversions (novel)
  • Jane travels as far from Thornfield as she can using the little money she had previously saved.  - Jane Eyre
  • Ballard informed Babington about the plans that had been so far proposed.  - Babington Plot
  • Dragonflight takes place in the far future on Pern, a planet colonized by humans.  - Dragonflight
  • Clark was told it was a present for the captain, but is far too cynical to be taken in.  - Podkayne of Mars
  • Chuck is wakened by the spray of a sounding whale, sees Wilson, and swims after him, but Wilson has gone too far to safely retrieve.  - Cast Away
  • By far the most dangerous threat to the Tudor line during Elizabeth's reign was the Spanish Armada of 1588.  - House of Tudor
  • Most assume that the car is drug-related, because the bounty is so far above the actual value of the car.  - Repo Man (film)
  • He wonders why she left after the triumph at the ball and concludes that men (especially himself) are far superior to women ("A Hymn to Him").  - My Fair Lady
  • After his successful passages to the past, the experimenters attempt to send him into the far future.  - La Jetée
  • During this time, he learns that Kurtz is far from admired, but more or less resented (mostly by the manager).  - Heart of Darkness
  • A desperate Nesmith activates the Omega 13, which reverses time far enough for him to knock out Sarris.  - Galaxy Quest
  • The second story takes place in the far north of Westeros, where an 8,000-year-old wall of ice defends the Seven Kingdoms from the Others.  - A Song of Ice and Fire
  • Although 61 billion people have perished, Paul's prescient visions indicate that this is far from the worst possible outcome for humanity.  - Dune Messiah

Meaning of "far" in English

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