How to use "fawning" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "fawning" in popular movie and book plots

  • To show his religious faith, he attends mass regularly while fawning over the facility director and curate.  - Set Me Free (2014 film)
  • By the cartoon's end, Spike and Chester have switched roles; Spike is the fawning sycophant, and Chester the smug prizefighter.  - Tree for Two
  • Septime runs a top Paris restaurant, fawning to customers (unless they are German) and bullying his staff.  - The Big Restaurant
  • At work, he has to contend with a dim secretary, two fawning but ambitious junior executives, and an overbearing boss, Chris Jackson.  - Reggie Perrin
  • After lunch, Melbury emerges from the dining room and Basil immediately begins fawning over him again, apologising incessantly.  - A Touch of Class (Fawlty Towers)
  • The doctor in turn is shot down by Sugar Boy, Stark's fawning assistant.  - All the King's Men (1949 film)
  • Milhouse feels neglected because his parents are not fawning over him as they did while they were separated.  - Milhouse of Sand and Fog
  • Philippe eventually grows bored with his friend's fawning and becomes cruel and abusive to him.  - Purple Noon
  • Charlie Wilcox (Christopher Lloyd) is a weak-willed architect working for the fawning and hypocritical Adrian Beltz (Larry Miller).  - Suburban Commando
  • The next morning she runs to see Bobbie, only to find that she, too, has become fawning and stupid.  - The Stepford Wives (2004 film)
  • The fawning Senate declares Commodus a god, and Livius and Lucilla are sentenced to be burned alive as human sacrifices to the new deity.  - The Fall of the Roman Empire (film)
  • Luke is now annoyed by the other prisoners fawning over the magazine photo and reveals it to be a fake.  - Cool Hand Luke

Meaning of "fawning" in English

  • attempting to win favor by flattery
  • attempting to win favor from influential people by flattery

Meaning of "fawning" in Hindi

  • खुशामदी
  • चापलूसी

Synonyms of "fawning"

  • obsequious
  • toadyish
  • bootlicking
  • sycophantic

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