How to use "fetter" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "fetter" in popular movie and book plots

  • Two young proud gypsies Loiko (Grigore Grigoriu) and Rada (Svetlana Toma) fall in love but believe that family life is a ball and chain that would fetter their independence.  - Gypsies Are Found Near Heaven

Example sentences for "fetter" in interesting articles

  • He added: "It will certainly allow the opportunity to debate the issues surrounding Brexit but it is worth bearing in mind that it's a bit difficult to fetter the government as to what it should do after Article 50 is triggered because actually, what the government can deliver ...  - Brexit court defeat for UK government

Meaning of "fetter" in English

  • a shackle for the ankles or feet
  • restrain with fetters

Meaning of "fetter" in Hindi

  • बेडी ( Bedi, bedee)
  • श्रृंखला ( Shrrinkhala, shrrinkhalaa)
  • बेडी
  • रोक ( Rok)
  • बन्धन ( Bandhan)
  • रोकटोक ( Rokatok)
  • श्रंखला ( Shrankhala, shrankhalaa)
  • बेडी डालना ( Bedi dalana, bedee daalanaa)
  • जंजीर में बांधना ( Janjir men bandhana, janjeer men baandhanaa, zanzir men bandhana)
  • रोकना ( Rokana, rokanaa)
  • अटकाना ( Atakana, atakanaa)
  • बंधन बाँधना ( Bandhan bandhana, bandhan baandhanaa)

Synonyms of "fetter"

  • shackle
  • hobble

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