How to use "find" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "find" in popular movie and book plots

  • He tracks the President's life-monitor bracelet to a vaudeville theatre, only to find it on the wrist of an insane old man.  - Escape from New York
  • Erica and Will go to the Grand Hotel together, hoping to find him.  - Young and Innocent
  • Muffley discloses the plane's target to help the Soviets find it, but Major Kong, his fuel dwindling, has selected a closer target.  - Dr. Strangelove
  • Determined to find the truth behind the incident, he follows a predestined course that leads him to save the world.  - Chrono Cross
  • After Homer leaves the orphanage, so does she in an effort to find him.  - The Cider House Rules
  • Upon arriving at Karnstein, the General asks a woodman where he can find the tomb of Mircalla Karnstein.  - Carmilla
  • The Bene Gesserit still find themselves questioning the Golden Path of humanity set by the God Emperor Leto II.  - Chapterhouse: Dune
  • After Crono and Lucca separately recreate the portal and find themselves in AD 600, they find Marle only to see her vanish before their eyes.  - Chrono Trigger
  • The player then returns to the hamlet to find it pillaged, and decides to travel to Bjarnarhaven.  - Castle of the Winds
  • When they reach Willows House, they find it to be occupied and the current owner repeatedly denies them hospitality.  - Bride of the Monster
  • When he discovers that Bruce is Batman, he demands that Bruce help him find Two-Face so that he can kill him, but Bruce refuses.  - Batman Forever
  • Jeffrey and Sandy find themselves attracted to each other, though Sandy has a boyfriend.  - Blue Velvet (film)
  • The next election day, blacks find a line of mounted and armed Klansmen just outside their homes, and are intimidated into not voting.  - The Birth of a Nation
  • Ash awakes and arises from his cave to find himself in a post-apocalyptic future, in which the city of London is in ruins.  - Army of Darkness
  • The book does not focus on heroic stories of bravery, but rather gives a view of the conditions in which the soldiers find themselves.  - All Quiet on the Western Front
  • Alex returns to his parents' flat, only to find that they are renting his room to a lodger.  - A Clockwork Orange (novel)

Meaning of "find" in English

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