How to use "flux" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "flux" in popular movie and book plots

  • She is drawn out of this flux when she meets a new love interest, Adam.  - Into the Dark (film)
  • The results of the experiment leave portions of the Quadwrangle mansion in flux between four dimensions with alternate properties.  - Quantum Conundrum
  • Marty is able to get close to Citizen Brown and show him a notebook he recovered from 1986 with the first drawing of Doc's flux capacitor.  - Back to the Future: The Game
  • To remedy this situation, Cortex abducts Crash Bandicoot a year later and fools him into believing that he is working to save the world from an upcoming solar flux by gathering the Crystals.  - Doctor Neo Cortex
  • Furthermore, the body of this dead boy is found to be in the center of a nuclear fusion reactor whose magnetic flux is also found to have caused his unstable soul.  - Silk (2006 film)
  • Peterson is assigned to write a story about the infra-radiation flux in Galaxy M12.  - Space-Men
  • Due to the injection of flux in the core of the Planet Paradisia, Paradisia explodes but luckily everyone was evacuated from the planets with the help of the Galactik Football Players.  - Galactik Football
  • He and the queen were contacted by the old sage Rowdy in dream and he told them the demon came back again to Mipross and is wreaking havoc in the northern part of the island, blocking the natural flux of hot spring's water, so the girl named Lina Inverse is the only able to beat him.  - Slayers The Motion Picture
  • Later, the Enterprise suddenly jumps into warp on its own; subsequent investigation shows that the ship had been undergoing a deadly theta flux distortion, and only by jumping into warp was the ship saved from destruction.  - Emergence (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • Criss teaches Farr to board (using a specially constructed plate to "surf" along the flux lines), an ability which allows him to escape from the eventual attack by the Xeelee.  - Flux (novel)
  • A plague known as the bloody flux or "pale mare" ravages the city.  - A Dance with Dragons
  • In Mark's grandmother's basement, the group convenes to discuss the imminent flux of business.  - Belly (film)
  • He discovers that the planets will soon align, creating a catastrophic solar flux that threatens to destroy Earth itself.  - Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back
  • The crew theorizes that Worf, on his original return from the bat'leth tournament, passed through a time-space fissure, with the shuttlecraft's engines causing Worf to quantum flux between several parallel universes.  - Parallels (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
  • A locomotive equipped with a flux capacitor appears, manned by Doc, Clara, and their two children Jules and Verne.  - Back to the Future Part III

Example sentences for "flux" in interesting articles

  • Seeing cars begin to drive down the roads you’ve built, watching as neighborhoods flux and gentrify when a new commercial zone is established nearby, all while getting familiar with each little wrinkle of the city and its geography — you can start to imagine what it’s like to live there.Keeping track of a budget may sound more like a simulation of accounting than urban planning, but the beauty of the game is that it manages to turn things like fiscal policy into a feature of play.  - SimCity That I Used to Know
  • So it’s definitely a good trade off for a systems language.You can try the rotor library and its http (server) implementation now, but be aware that it’s interface is in flux now and will break on every occasion until it becomes reasonably good.  - Asynchronous IO in Rust
  • I deleted everything and I started from scratch.The flux capacitor: MacBook2,1 meets CoreOSA couple of years ago I have installed Linux Mint side by side with OS X.  - I installed CoreOS on a 9-year-old MacBook
  • Whether it's food, languages being spoken, local media, the multicultural mix of people, the rapid flux of money, ideas and fashions - these world cities are increasingly unlike anywhere else within their own countries.They've developed their own cultural and economic micro-climates.  - Are cities the new countries?
  • The extraordinary economic flux we’re in is what makes this current moment so distinctive. In the months leading to my breakup with Allan, my problem, as I saw it, lay in wanting two incompatible states of being—autonomy and intimacy—and this struck me as selfish and juvenile; part of growing up, I knew, was making trade-offs.  - All the Single Ladies
  • In Alito's view, long-term GPS tracking for "most offenses" falls beyond the scope of what a reasonable person would expect.But this standard too has problems, "Dramatic technological change may lead to periods in which popular expectations are in flux and may ultimately produce significant changes in popular attitudes." How can courts evaluate whether an expectation is reasonable?Perhaps they shouldn't have to, is Alito's response.  - Why the Jones Supreme Court Ruling on GPS Tracking Is Worse Than It Sounds
  • It’s just like the flux wire in semi-automated welding machines.  - Fukushima Robot Operator Writes Tell-All Blog
  • 1861 & 1862 Maxwell publishes a four-part paper, “On Physical Lines of Force.” It introduces the core idea that a change in electric flux through a surface can create a magnetic field.  - The Long Road to Maxwell’s Equations
  • Two are connected through the basic physical laws of electricity and magnetism, and three are related by the known circuit elements: resistors connect voltage and current, inductors connect flux and current, and capacitors connect voltage and charge.  - The memristor—the functional equivalent of a synapse—could revolutionize circuit design
  • "A traveling wave tube—basically an inverse klystron—captures most of the particles’ flux kinetic energy and efficiently converts it into electrical energy," says Chapman.  - A Fusion Thruster For Space Travel

Meaning of "flux" in English

  • in constant change
    - the newness and flux of the computer industry
  • (physics) the number of changes in energy flow across a given surface per unit area
  • a flow or discharge
  • the lines of force surrounding a permanent magnet or a moving charged particle
  • a state of uncertainty about what should be done (usually following some important event) preceding the establishment of a new direction of action
  • excessive discharge of liquid from a cavity or organ (as in watery diarrhea)
  • a substance added to molten metals to bond with impurities that can then be readily removed
  • the rate of flow of energy or particles across a given surface
  • mix together different elements
  • become liquid or fluid when heated
  • move or progress freely as if in a stream

Meaning of "flux" in Hindi

  • बहाव ( Bahav, bahaav, bahaw)
  • प्रवाह ( Pravah, prawah)
  • बहना ( Bahana, bahanaa)
  • पिघलना ( Pighalana, pighalanaa)
  • पिघलाना ( Pighalana, pighalanaa)

Synonyms of "flux"

  • passage
  • merge
  • mix
  • flow
  • coalesce
  • conflate
  • liquefy
  • magnetic field
  • meld
  • flux density
  • commingle
  • magnetic flux
  • fluxion
  • state of flux
  • immix
  • liquify
  • fuse
  • combine
  • blend

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