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Example sentences for "foment" in popular movie and book plots

  • The profiteers foment a Bolshevist strike at Trevlyn's mines in his absence.  - Wolves of the Street
  • The data center is destroyed, and Olivieri is killed in the blast, ending any further schemes of the Golden Axe Plan to foment more conflict.  - Ace Combat: Joint Assault
  • She was working with Ludwell to foment an anti-communist revolution in China.  - Dragon Flame
  • Meanwhile, in Beijing, former Nazi Gunter Gerhardt, receives final instructions on Chinese communist plans to foment war in the Middle East.  - Assignment: Israel
  • A co-worker named Pete Radcliff is inaccurately identified by a witness and Pope does everything to foment that erroneous suspicion.  - You Drive
  • While an assassination plot threatens to foment revolution and set up a republic, the travellers must reunite or be stranded forever.  - Other Lives
  • Richelieu is also trying to foment hostility between France, England, and Spain to gain more political power for himself.  - The Musketeer
  • In addition to the magical plot, there is political trouble brewing in the city as the mysterious Falcon Prince foments revolution against the Kalif.  - Throne of the Crescent Moon
  • Even better for his mission, the public disgrace of Sung Yung foments a riotous rebellion among the populace who kill the silk merchant and attack the shops of other merchants suspected of wanting war.  - The Black Rose (novel)
  • Gussev tells the slaves of his own countries' revolution and foments a revolt, which Aelita takes command of.  - Aelita
  • He foments a smear campaign to paint Batman as a dangerous madman, which causes Batman to question his own sanity as well as the plausibility of his mission.  - Batman: Prey
  • Candide's improbable adventures take him into a concentration camp to rescue his tutor, Pangloss; then he is off to South America (where he endures a series of revolutions), Borneo (where he is imprisoned by a primitive tribe), Moscow (where he accidentally foments a missile crisis between the Soviet Union and the United States), and New York (where he gets mixed up in a racial clash).  - Candide ou l'optimisme au XXe siècle
  • This foments great resentment on the part of Henry's Norman noblemen, who distrust and envy this Saxon upstart, as well as the queen and Henry's mother, who see Becket as an unnatural and unseemly influence upon the royal personage.  - Becket (1964 film)
  • Kris peKym spreads a rumor that the Earthmen are responsible for the theft of the cobalt, and when the Earthmen refuse to deny this rumor, he foments a riot that results in the sacking of the School.  - The Dawning Light
  • Egil, in love with Helga himself, foments a mutiny among the crew, who fear sailing off the edge of the world.  - The Viking (1928 film)
  • The tension of the situation foments dissent in the Monoid ranks, with Monoid 4 openly opposing Monoid 1's plans to abandon the humans and colonise Refusis without more checks on the planet.  - The Ark (Doctor Who)
  • She breaks with the party when it foments a violent strike.  - I Was a Communist for the FBI
  • The inequality between the colonies and Earth foments rebellion.  - Starsiege

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Meaning of "foment" in English

  • bathe with warm water or medicated lotions
  • try to stir up public opinion

Meaning of "foment" in Hindi

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