How to use "forestall" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "forestall" in popular movie and book plots

  • Muriel takes no action to forestall his suicide attempt and he dies.  - The Time of the Angels
  • A widower, Mityo, needs money to forestall foreclosure on his home.  - The Judgment (2014 film)
  • Irene and Stauratius failed to forestall the intrigues of Constantine's uncle Nicephorus who thought himself entitled to rule.  - Count No Man Happy: A Byzantine Fantasy
  • Later that morning, members of the movement take over the RRI office and force the staff there to read a speech by Untung (Bram Adrianto), which states that the G30S has moved to forestall a coup by the Generals' Council and announces the formation of a "Revolutionary Council".  - Pengkhianatan G30S/PKI
  • In order to forestall this, Mary commits suicide.  - The Passionate Friends: A Novel
  • At the designated time, Jin Guang calls forth his elders Yan Chi Xia (Yuen Wah) and Sima San-Niang (Tien Niu) to forestall the demons.  - Eternity: A Chinese Ghost Story
  • The threat proved useless, as Fiennes also held other notable Royalist prisoners recently captured by Sir William Waller on his raid into Herefordshire, so to forestall a blood bath King Charles ordered that no retaliatory executions should take place.  - Robert Yeamans
  • Thinking it is Belthandros, she is about to fall on the dead man's sword, when Belthandros himself appears to forestall her.  - Belthandros and Chrysantza
  • MacNair prepares the bridge at Ballachulish for demolition, to forestall any counter-attack.  - Scotch on the Rocks
  • To forestall a fight, Cal calls for a vote.  - The Romance of Rosy Ridge
  • Divining the fate that is in store for her, he grabs an axe and chops off his sister's head to forestall her dire future as perpetual victim, as he sees it.  - Aakrosh (1980 film)
  • Magua incites his men to attack the fort to forestall an agreement between Montcalm and Munro that would allow the British to surrender the fort peacefully in exchange for their lives.  - The Last of the Mohicans (1936 film)
  • After telling them she can not afford to give them money as she must keep up appearances with an expensive apartment and kimonos, Keiko reluctantly agrees, realizing this will forestall any plan to open her own bar.  - When a Woman Ascends the Stairs
  • To forestall this, the British governor (Francis Sullivan) signs a treaty with the friendly, peace-loving ruler of Tokot, a key kingdom in the region, which is described as four days' march northward from Peshawar.  - The Drum (1938 film)
  • To forestall a duel, Wellesley orders a night patrol to be led by Sharpe and Berry.  - Sharpe's Eagle (TV programme)
  • Hoping to forestall a complete West German collapse, remaining NATO forces in the north, joined by the strong and relatively unbloodied US Army from the south, hit Malinsky's First Western Front from all sides.  - Red Army (novel)
  • A sub-plot concerns Arthur's effort to forestall a challenge from a rival king, a problem that will inevitably catch Lancelot up in a personal conflict.  - Lancelot and Guinevere
  • While attempting to forestall an attack against the Enterprise, Sarek accepts Taryn's challenge to an ancient form of duel that predates the division of the Vulcan and Romulan cultures.  - Sarek (Star Trek novel)
  • Not to avenge Kingston — Mac's agents are supposed to be able to take care of themselves — but to forestall any more political chaos.  - The Interlopers (novel)
  • To forestall this, the Duke continually dons a series of childish disguises.  - Under the Rainbow
  • Zaripa decides that it is best to forestall conveying the news of Abutalip's death to her children.  - The Day Lasts More Than a Hundred Years
  • Macario hoped to forestall what he assumed to be his imminent death by gaining the time it would take for him and Death to eat.  - Macario (film)
  • Arthur is bound to answer to this name because of the May Babies, children he had ordered slain in an attempt to forestall Mordred's growing to manhood.  - The Wandering Fire
  • Arthur, returning to Earth with Friday's captives, discovers that the national army (under orders from General Pravuil, who is secretly Saturday's servant) is planning to destroy his hometown with nuclear bombs to prevent a disease outbreak, and uses the Fifth Key to stop time so that he can find a way to forestall this disaster.  - Superior Saturday
  • Realizing that he has appeared to Scheherazade on the eve of her first encounter with Shahryar, and seeing her without a solution to her predicament, the author himself suggests the stratagem of using a chain of interrupted stories to forestall her execution, and offers to tell her a new story every day with which to regale the king the following evening.  - Chimera (Barth novel)
  • Sir Anthony undertakes to forestall this meeting by insulting Rensley in order to force him into an earlier duel and wound him.  - The Masqueraders
  • To forestall this objection, Jihei and Koharu cut their hair off- now that they are a Buddhist monk or nun, no one would hold the vows of a previous life against them.  - The Love Suicides at Amijima
  • As his quest approaches its climax, he risks his supernatural powers to forestall an attempt to destroy the world thus redeeming what was denied him for so long: his own eternal human soul.  - Servant of the Bones
  • The Crimson Chapter hopes to forestall the aliens' arrival by killing Sarah Jane, while the White Chapter goes to great lengths to keep her alive.  - The Masque of Mandragora
  • Gregg tries to convince Max to let them go home but, thinking only about more profit, he is able to glibly forestall her leaving.  - Mighty Joe Young (1949 film)
  • This virtually ends the chance to forestall the Mexican attack and Bowie returns to tell Travis that Santa Anna has offered surrender at discretion.  - The Alamo (2004 film)
  • Bond is directed to track down Pushkin in Tangier and kill him to forestall further killings of agents and escalation of tensions between the Soviet Union and the West.  - The Living Daylights
  • To forestall a future invasion of Oz, Glinda the Good Witch uses a magic charm to render Oz invisible and unreachable to everyone except those within the land itself.  - The Emerald City of Oz
  • Happer finally arrives on site, just in time to forestall a potentially nasty confrontation between some of the villagers and Ben; Happer mistakes the mob for a welcoming committee.  - Local Hero
  • Tormented by guilt over what he fears will happen to the couple, Caul's desperate efforts to forestall tragedy fail.  - The Conversation

Example sentences for "forestall" in interesting articles

  • A sudden Chinese missile barrage wiped out the tiny, outdated Taiwanese air force, leaving American jet fighters based in Japan and Guam to do battle with Beijing’s own planes and, hopefully, forestall a bloody invasion.In the scenario, 72 Chinese jets patrolled the Taiwan Strait.  - How the U.S. and Its Allies Got Stuck with the Worlds Worst New Warplane
  • Defenders of the for-profit industry, including Republicans in Congress, have emphasized this point in order to forestall tougher regulation.  - The Rise and Fall of For-Profit Schools
  • Its rhetorical move is to raise the plight of popular companies in a bid to forestall regulation meant for itself and other slightly less popular companies.  - AT&T claims ‘strong’ net neutrality would ruin the Internet
  • The obvious hope, though, is that the use of artificial wombs, or "ectogenesis", will eventually allow us to sustain the lives of prematurely born babies too underdeveloped to survive in the extra-uterine environment, Or, by enabling premature babies to continue their development for longer, it will forestall any number of physiological problems that result from premature birth.  While such a capability would no doubt mark a huge leap forward for neonatal medicine, considerably less attention has been paid to what it would mean for abortion rights.  - Bad predictions about the internet
  • Credit enabled me to forestall this problem for a time—and also to make it progressively worse—but the root of the problem was deeper.In the 1950s and ’60s, economic growth democratized prosperity.  - Nearly half of Americans would have trouble finding $400 to pay for an emergency
  • (Writing an account of a traumatic event is a commonly prescribed way of trying to forestall post-traumatic stress disorder after a harrowing experience.) If you’re emetophobic yourself, or even just a little squeamish, you might want to skip over it.We met up with Nurse R.  - Surviving Anxiety
  • In a nationwide address, President Carter proclaimed that the planet’s proven oil reserves could be consumed “by the end of the next decade.” To forestall the disaster, he fired a volley of energy-efficiency measures: gas-mileage regulation, home-appliance energy standards, conservation tax credits, subsidies for insulation and weatherization.  - What If We Never Run Out of Oil?
  • In a nationwide address, President Carter proclaimed that the planet’s proven oil reserves could be consumed “by the end of the next decade.” To forestall the disaster, he fired a volley of energy-efficiency measures: gas-mileage regulation, home-appliance energy standards, conservation tax credits, subsidies for insulation and weatherization.  - What if we never run out of oil? (2013)

Meaning of "forestall" in English

  • keep from happening or arising; make impossible
    - Your role in the projects precludes your involvement in the competitive project
  • act in advance of; deal with ahead of time

Meaning of "forestall" in Hindi

  • पहले से घेर लेना ( Pahale se gher lena, pahale se gher lenaa)
  • पहले ही रोक लेना ( Pahale hi rok lena, pahale hee rok lenaa)
  • आगे से मोल ले रखना ( Aage se mol le rakhana, aage se mol le rakhanaa)
  • पहले से ग्रहण करना ( Pahale se grahan karana, pahale se grahan karanaa)
  • पहले से निवारण करना ( Pahale se nivaran karana, pahale se nivaaran karanaa, pahale se niwaran karana)
  • पहले ही बिगाड़ देना ( Pahale hi bigad dena, pahale hee bigaad denaa)
  • पहिले ही कर डालना ( Pahile hi kar dalana, pahile hee kar daalanaa)
  • अगुवाई करना ( Aguvai karana, aguvaaee karanaa, aguwai karana)
  • पूर्वक्रय करना ( Purvakray karana, poorvakray karanaa, purwakray karana)

Synonyms of "forestall"

  • foreclose
  • preclude
  • counter
  • anticipate
  • prevent
  • foresee
  • forbid

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