How to use "fracas" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "fracas" in popular movie and book plots

  • Luckily his daughter escaped the fracas and was hidden by her grandfather.  - Bukas, Babaha ng Dugo
  • The fracas is interrupted by the arrival of Kagami Ryohei, another transfer student, whose arrogance immediately draws the ire of the crowd.  - Crows Explode
  • This enrages Jalan who accidentally kills Jampa La in the fracas between the two which results in a final split of Jalan and Ushna with the rest, with Hak Chi (Anil Yadav) rebuking Jalan as they part ways.  - Valley of Flowers (film)
  • As other personal dramas occur, including newlywed dr Lew Worship discovering he is sterile and cannot have children, Nancy's attackers end up in a fracas at the hospital and Alec ends up injured.  - The New Interns
  • In a fracas she shoots a policeman, whereupon both girls are killed by a police machine gun.  - Adieu l'ami
  • She is killed in a fracas involving a gangster.  - Manmatha (film)
  • She comes across Kunjan, who assures her that he would get her married to the man of her heart, but she is killed in a fracas involving a gangster named Vasu (Sai Kumar).  - Kunjikoonan (2002 film)
  • The fracas alerts his landlady and Walter fast talks her out of the apartment as he tries to hide the body ("Walter, Repetition is Death").  - Bucket of Blood (musical)
  • In ensuing fracas between the two families, Karunakaran gets injured while Paandi is hit on the ear by a log, thereby losing his hearing ability, and Chandran loses his leg due to a crush injury by falling under a passing truck.  - Naadodigal
  • A fracas starts when competing divisions all want to investigate the high-profile unsolved murders in the area.  - The Chaser (film)
  • Raymond's brother Chago and his girlfriend Dawna accost Bibianna, and in the fracas which ensues Tate shoots and kills Chago.  - "H" Is for Homicide
  • In the fracas Krofta mortally wounds him.  - Man on a Tightrope
  • One day he gets into a fracas with a local politician ('Kathal' Dhandapani) and his comic henchmen while trying to save a friend and is arrested and a case registered against him.  - Malaikottai
  • During the brief fracas Brannigan notices the Professor is wearing an unusual heavy ring of a skull and cross bones.  - Manfish
  • The manager is killed in the ensuing fracas with Inderjeet and the police find the truth.  - Kalaignan
  • When upstart Vacuum Tube Transport finds itself forced into an expensive, division-sized fracas with Continental Hovercraft, he sees his opportunity.  - Mercenary from Tomorrow
  • In the days leading up to Sloop's release, Jack teaches Carmen how to fire a pistol and falls into a fracas with the aforementioned hired hands.  - Echo Burning
  • The son of the police commissioner was punished by professor, which led to serious fracas in college and authorities were forced to take action on him under severe protests from students.  - Vandanam
  • After the fracas is over, Gilda speaks to the poor strangers about their gallant actions and is strangely taken by Diogenes and his twinkling eyes.  - The Laughing Cavalier (novel)
  • In the end Wilhelmina decided that the only way to get Nico out of the way was to send her to boarding school in Paris, and Nico had no choice but to take her mother up on that offer, but from the expression on Nico's face, this friction between this mother-daughter relationship is far from over and everyone who saw the fracas in the lobby knows it.  - Trust, Lust, and Must
  • Phil Arkin, an American visiting his married daughter, defends the boy, and in the ensuing fracas he meets Ruth Stein, a tourist travelling with a group of widows from the United States.  - Milk and Honey (musical)
  • The next day he returns the Angel's hat that she left behind during the fracas to her father at work, rather than going to her home, and this gentlemanly behavior makes a positive impression.  - Freckles (novel)
  • However, she is killed in a fracas involving Varadhan a gangster where she was hit and kicked brutally as the gangster want to take revenge against Priya's father who is Deputy Superintendent Police arrested him.  - Perazhagan
  • Sam and Reg enter, the latter slightly injured from a fracas connected with the strike.  - This Happy Breed
  • On the night of the fight, Clubber taunts the champion in the hallway as they are walking to the ring and starts a fracas between the two camps, shoving Rocky's manager and trainer Mickey Goldmill so hard that he suffers a heart attack that proves fatal.  - Clubber Lang
  • As Hakann creates a fracas to distract the Toa, Vezok finds the artifact, a tablet named the Makoki Stone, with barely discernible writing detailing the Brotherhood of Makuta, in the event that they would rebel.  - Bionicle Legends
  • Roxane and Cyrano talk privately as she bandages his hand (injured from the fracas at the Port de Nesle); she thanks him for defeating Valvert at the theater, and talks about a man with whom she has fallen in love.  - Cyrano de Bergerac (play)
  • Into the fracas steps a stranger: Lemonade Joe, a lone cowboy singing the praises of Kolaloka, a non-alcoholic soft drink (in Czech, limonáda, hence the name).  - Lemonade Joe
  • He meets his cousin Hsu Chien (James Tien) and Hsu's younger brother by accident when Hsu Chien stands up to local street thugs - Cheng Chao-an had largely stayed out of the fracas as he swore to his mother he would resist participating in any fighting.  - The Big Boss
  • In the middle of a fist fight, Marko returns with a requested bouquet and promptly joins the fracas on his friend's side.  - Underground (1995 film)

Example sentences for "fracas" in interesting articles

  • (The Netflix/Comcast fracas last year made this eminently clear: as soon as Netflix paid up, presto, Netflix subscribers weren’t faced with a spinning wheel.) Use more, pay more!So reject the myth that Comcast is simply trying to cope with limited bandwidth.  - Cable TV's plan to kill “over the top” internet streaming
  • (The Netflix/Comcast fracas last year made this eminently clear: as soon as Netflix paid up, presto, Netflix subscribers weren’t faced with a spinning wheel.) Use more, pay more!So reject the myth that Comcast is simply trying to cope with limited bandwidth.  - Cable TV's plan to kill “over the top” internet streaming

Meaning of "fracas" in English

  • noisy quarrel

Meaning of "fracas" in Hindi

  • मारपीट ( Marapit, maarapeet)
  • उपद्रव ( Upadrav, upadraw)
  • गुलगपाडा ( Gulagapada, gulagapaadaa)
  • दंगा ( Danga, dangaa)
  • फसाद ( Phasad, phasaad, fasad)
  • गुलगपाड़ा ( Gulagapada, gulagapaadaa)
  • दंगा फसाद ( Danga phasad, dangaa phasaad, danga fasad)

Synonyms of "fracas"

  • affray
  • altercation

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