How to use "futile" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi

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Example sentences for "futile" in popular movie and book plots

  • In a final show of loyalty, he takes up a spear and makes a futile charge against the Oda lines.  - Kagemusha
  • Susima and his brothers are wild with anger from their futile attempts to eliminate Asoka.  - Aśoka (film)
  • The Confederates squander resources through a series of futile counter-attacks.  - Settling Accounts
  • Moments later, the car rolls down the hill and onto a pier, despite Joel's futile attempt to stop it.  - Risky Business
  • Vlady leaves the bomb on the helicopter and leaps into the ocean in a futile attempt to escape the blast.  - Shadow Ops: Red Mercury
  • Arthur is dismayed when it turns out that the mission was futile and 70 knights have died in its course.  - Lancelot du Lac (film)
  • His futile attempt to chase and capture the "gang" and warn of their evil and mysterious nature lands Ivan in a lunatic asylum.  - The Master and Margarita
  • The commander searches for words to tell them that they are dead, and says that he himself is to blame for sending them into a futile battle.  - Dreams (1990 film)
  • Later, Brian's one-man confrontation with a Nazi in the street is a futile gesture, leading to nothing but him being beaten up.  - Cabaret (1972 film)
  • Blackthorne leads his crew in a futile resistance, but they are easily cowed by Omi.  - Shōgun (novel)
  • After a futile attempt to outrun the storm, Yelland recalls the strike force, and the ship and the aircraft return to 1980 safely.  - The Final Countdown (film)
  • Faramir is gravely wounded after a futile effort to retake Osgiliath, and believing his son to be dead, Denethor falls into madness.  - The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
  • In a futile battle that takes place a few days before the Armistice, Billy and his friend Owen are killed.  - The Ghost Road
  • Yuna decides against using the Final Aeon, due to the futile sacrifices it carries and the fact that Sin would still be reborn.  - Final Fantasy X
  • They debate their next move and all but Harry, who believes the effort will be futile and suicidal, agree to return and fight.  - The Magnificent Seven
  • Benjamin, the cynical donkey who "could read as well as any pig", notices that the van belongs to a knacker and attempts a futile rescue.  - Animal Farm

Meaning of "futile" in English

  • unproductive of success
    - futile years after her artistic peak
    - a sleeveless errand
    - a vain attempt
  • producing no result or effect
    - the therapy was ineffectual
    - an otiose undertaking
    - an unavailing attempt

Meaning of "futile" in Hindi

  • व्यर्थ ( Vyarth, wyarth)
  • तुच्छ ( Tuchchh)
  • हल्का ( Halka, halkaa)
  • असार ( Asar, asaar)
  • व्यर्थ

Synonyms of "futile"

  • otiose
  • unavailing
  • bootless
  • fruitless
  • vain
  • ineffectual
  • sleeveless

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